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About Me

Mrs. Azah Jackline Chey is the Coordinator and Co-Founder of Bridgers Association Cameroon, holder of a Masters Degree in International Law with focus on Human Rights. Bridgers Association Cameroon is a registered Not-For-Profit Organization with office in Buea and having as mission to empower women and girls through advocacy to minimize the gender parity that exist between men and women.
Our projects fall largely under:
-Women empowerment
-Agriculture & Environmental Education
-Water, Sanitation & Hygiene (WASH)
-Human Rights & Citizenship.

Child marriage is a great challenge faced by many girls and is a serious violation on the girls with many varied consequences.
I advocate 100% for quality education for the girl child, reason why we at Bridgers focus on capacity building to empower people for sustainable development, knowing that knowledge is wealth and power. Educate a girl and you are changing a community. I grew up under difficult conditions but bent on succeeding.

My Vision

I am a change associate, influencing change in mindset, enabling more women and girls reach their potentials easily is my desire and joy.


The greatest challenge lie in the limited resources available, therefore, I and my team need:
- Financial assistance;
- Material support


I am willing to work in a board or team of any other organization, joint project implemented in multiple places. Network with you & others.


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