Using Audiovisual songs to health educate public on malaria Uganda

Bahati Amon1597320911
Posted August 13, 2020
How a man become a prey for mosquitoes in Uganda
How a man become a prey for mosquitoes in Uganda: Dr Bahati Amon at the beach investigating prevalence of malaria along Lakeshore (1/1)

Malaria is number one killer in Uganda.

We try to reach millions of people with audiovisual songs so that people appreciate the impact malaria has created in Uganda.

We try to include; malaria transmission, signs and symptoms, diagnosis, treatment & more emphasis on prevention and control.

It's good innovation as even young, marginalized, people with disability enjoys as as music & educative information.

If you don't hear, you see & interpret; if you don't see, you hear & interpret.

More often health programs in Uganda exlude people with disabilities, hence this project uniqueness.


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Aug 13
Aug 13

Congratulations on your first story, Dr! Welcome to World Pulse. It is heartwarming to have men on board. Thank you for joining.

Malaria is a pandemic on it's own, truly. It is a case of double jeopardy now with the corona virus. Education indeed, is power.

Using music for awareness is awesome, because music is said to be the food of the soul. I also like the way you are specifically reaching out to people with disabilities.
"If you don't hear, you see & interpret; if you don't see, you hear & interpret."

Keep posting, please. The embedded video enriched the piece.

Together, we can!

Hello, Dr. Bahati,

Welcome to World Pulse!

Music is a universal language. It's a great idea to use a music video to spread awareness on Malaria. I'm happy you are including people with disabilities.

Please continue to write more. We look forward to reading your updates!

Beth Lacey
Aug 14
Aug 14

This is very innovative. Music is universal.

Aug 14
Aug 14

Thanks Dr. Yes and agree like others, music is a universal language. How's malaria in Uganda nowadays? Hope it is under control. Stay safe and strong!

Aug 14
Aug 14

Thank you for sharing.

Thelma obani 2020
Aug 27
Aug 27

Welcome to world pulse sir.
Your words are true.
Continue sharing your thoughts with us

Sep 18
Sep 18

Dr. Bahati,
Welcome to World Pulse. It is heartening to see a medical professional take the initiative to record a song to educate the masses about malaria.

Music is a universal language and it will certainly reach a lot of people in all parts of the country.

Please keep up the good work and more power to you.