The ideal quarantine for covid 19 contacts in Uganda.

Bahati Amon1597320911
Posted August 13, 2020

The ideal quarantine for covid 19 must have full PPEs in place, qualified & trained personnel on covid 19 management.

Every person must put on face mask, regular washing hands every time you remember, ensuring social distancing. 

Contacts are are assessed at least 3 times a day for clinical features of covid 19. 

Alteast emergency medicine must be available to treat minor ailments like injuries, diarrhea, skin diseases, malaria and others

A list of number with chronic disease are obtained every day and on arrival like diabetes, hypertension, HIV AIDS, and SCD.

Mothers are also provided haematenics, family planning and sanitary pads basing on needs.


Feeding is as normal in most institutions, breac fast, lunch and supper.

However arrangement must be done to cater for vulnerable groups like pregnancy and lactating mothers including children.


We ensure that every person is given personalised items and marked for each person;

Mosquito net, bracket, matress, basin, soap, plate, cup, and drinking water.


Each contact occupies a single room.


On discharged, the items are disinfected.

Medical discharge form provided with bio-data & covid 19 results.

Positive contacts are evacuated and taken to isolation units for treatment .

All staffs must be tested for covid 19 every after 28 days, including cooks and security personnel.

Contacts are testing after completion of 14 mandatory days in quarantine.


Kisoro District is a centre for 3 countries; Uganda, Rwanda and DRC.

We have the most ideal quarantine centre , and was recommended by MOH.





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Aug 13
Aug 13

Hi Dr.,
Thank you for sharing the Covid 19 protocol you put in place in your district. We must all fight and conquer the virus. Keep it up and it would be a delight to read more from you.

By the way, where or how did you find out about World Pulse?:)

'Good to have you here, Dr. You're most welcome. Together, we can!

Hello again, Dr. Basati,

Thank you for the information you shared on Uganda's COVID-19 protocol.

Nini Mappo
Aug 14
Aug 14

Hello Bahati,
This is a very informative piece, thank you.
I am interested in how the three countries share the resourcing of the centre and adminision rates.

Stay safe and keep up the good work!

Aug 28
Aug 28

Thank you for sharing .