“VOF Week 1(Sorority Watch; The Global Touch at the press of a button”) - Detailed and well expounded!

Posted April 2, 2009 from Kenya

Web 2.0 is the modern and closest form of sorority. The most exciting bit is the global perspective it creates through the interaction of young women from different backgrounds. The typical woman relies more on her cronies for backup or what in Kenya is referred to as “chama” or “women groups” where they empower each other financially while at the same time offering each other advice on their daily personal experiences.

Their problems are further exacerbated by a patriarchal society where a woman has no voice; Web 2.0 today fills this void. On the other hand choices we make impact on our lives in the future, as a women sharing my daily encounters with another while at the same time realizing that mine isnt that bad creates a dawn of realization that l am not the only one embattled by my life’s never ending ups and downs, another is hurting while the other feels my experience and l also hold another in my prayers as l empathize with what they are going through. I am a woman and the woman next to me though distant has my back. They may be miles away but the few lines they have jotted down through Web 2.0 are sufficient to keep me at ease ….at least someone somewhere cares. This may be indicated in the current support that women like the Hon Martha Karua (Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs) in Kenya and Anna Tibaijuka of the UN are assured of martialled support from fellow women when there is perceived imminent attack on their positions. The support may further be re-enforced online.

Web 2.0 provides a myriad of solutions key being employment of two Millennium Development Goals; First being Promoting Gender Equality and empowering women, IT is a predominantly male field, and the overwhelming response through World pulse is clear indication of women’s quest to be at parity with those of the male gender and simultaneously empowering each other socially, economically and psychologically. Secondly, the MDG of Building a Global partnership for development through the use of the provided interactive forum. It is empowering as empathizing with another’s situation opens the mind to broader solutions for future generations. The experienced unveiled as a result of the effects of the Kenyan Post Election Violence or the harrowing detailed reports of young women’s conscription, forced marriage, rape and even murder in Joseph Kony’s LRF in Uganda cannot similarly be felt by another individual apart from the wearer of the shoes who are the direct victims narration of the atrocities meted on them.

Kenya and indeed other states are signatory to international instruments such as CEDAW which like the UN Millennium Development Goals noted above are to protect, enhance, nurture and enforce the rights of women. Thankfully though, at the touch of a button the world has been transformed to a global village where reliance is not only to the media for knowledge.

ICT has provided automated service which is palpable through Web 2.0. A young woman in Kibera, Kenya can pen down her thoughts and ideas while building global partnership within another in another remote part of the world Kazakhstan is the achievement of a great milestone that of bridging the digital divide. Web 2.0 has thus provided a forum where these ideas can be articulated, merged and local solutions generated while at the same time seeking avenues where the same can be shared to international organizations/groups in globally influencing positions such as the G20, UN, and NEPAD in the quest to establish globally linked solutions.


 CEDAW – Convention on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women  Hon. Martha Karua – is Kenya’s Justice and Constitutional Affairs minister currently facing opposition in the Kenyan parliament from a male dominated parliament for her fight against corruption.  Ms Anna Tibaijuka is the former UNEP chief whose replacement at the UN has caused widespread condemnation and protest from women representatives at the UN after the premature end of her tenure at the helm of UNEP  NEPAD – New Economic Partnership for African Development  UN – MDG United Nations Millennium Development Goals.

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Apr 14, 2009
Apr 14, 2009

wow, thanks for all of the valuable information, and for the references on the bottom of the page. as an american woman, a lot of what you said seemed familiar but i was lacking specific knowledge. your wisdom obviously comes from first-hand experience as well as observations and research. i am so excited that women like you are part of this process, proving that our solidarity can be achieved, across oceans and any other borders that may be placed in our paths.

Apr 15, 2009
Apr 15, 2009

Thanx for the vote of confidence.It is indeed said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the 1st step.It is the encouragement from sisters like you that keeps me afloat and constantly reminds me that yes it is very possible.Just push on a little bit longer.

Will definitely keep in touch!