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Barbie martha
Posted April 21, 2021 from Uganda

Today they are so many things that torture the girl child I remember there was a time I even cried i saw a very young girl using leaves during her periods it was so hurting because for us we had chances of using pads. I got time and spoke to her in private what had made her use leaves as pads then she told me not everyone girl knows what pads are my eyes filled with tears I asked her another question do you attend school don't teachers educate you about the dangers of using leaves she told me,she has never gotten a chance of studying that day we had gone to serve out things to the poor but I learnt that so many girls are going through a lot just because  they have no people to talk to,some even reach at the extent of going into for early marriages in order for them to get pads,knickers,which at the end leads to some getting unwanted pregnancies because some are young for producing they end up dying during labor time thus losing important people in the society .TOGETHER we can end all these as women if you see fellow women going through situations let's stand up and fight,help,educate the young girls.!!!!!!!!

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Nini Mappo
Apr 22
Apr 22

Hello Martha,
A warm welcome to this loving community of sisterhood. Thank you for your love and compassion to the marginalized girls in your home area. It is really sad that period poverty is both about lacking access to the right information and products. Thank you for being a big sister or an auntie to these girls. You are empowering them to take care of their health, hygiene, and also pass that information to others thus transforming the lives of entire cohorts of girls. Well done for being a change maker!

Beth Lacey
Apr 26
Apr 26

Yes, we all need to stand up for the injustices that girls and women go through