The freedom of speech is for all

Posted November 4, 2015 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

Dear world Pulse,the freedom of speech is a right for everybody. No one can stop you to express your opinion allover the world. It is observed in some developping and undevelopped countries,the privation of speech and people living in destortion they do not have right to express their views.We should know that every human being has right to have his/her own religion,the right to get food,to study at the school of his/her choice,to get marriage to whom he/she love,to expess his/her ideas,etc.

Your a political leader,a responsible of a given organisation;a church leader,etc. do not prevent people to expess their oppinions for it is to strenthen the community.We know that no one is perfect,but you have to understand others.

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Ariane Assumani
Nov 05, 2015
Nov 05, 2015

Nous disons merci pour votre journal qui est très interessant sur la liberté d'expression courage et à la prochaine sur l'avantage de l'éducation pour les femmes au plaisir de vous lire encore

Nov 06, 2015
Nov 06, 2015

Dear Barthelemy 

I couldn't agree with you more! Your post is deeply moving and touching. Freedom of speech and right to express yourself with the language you most comfortable with is the rigth that nobody can deprive you of. All languages should be treated the same and afforded equal status and recognition. Thank you for this post!