Fashioning style: Sabinaa's look fabulous project

Baseera Rafiqi
Posted January 11, 2017 from India

Sabinaa Shafi, 28, an aviation graduate from Batpora, aims at giving Kashmir’s makeup and fashion industry a new look and with her skill set, she has already created a buzz in the fashion circles of the Valley.

She is a makeup artist, who has created her name in the industry in Delhi and other places and is now about to launch her work in Srinagar as well. After handling clients in Delhi for over a year now she wants to shift her focus to the people of her homeland.

“Just like others it’s my dream to work in Kashmir and I want to use my expertise and help people look gorgeous on their special occasions like marriages, engagements or parties,” says Sabinaa.

It’s a dream for every girl to look stunning on her special days in life and Sabinaa wants to make it more memorable, more colorful and unique.

She strongly believes that women in this part of the world are more beautiful and ‘need a little touch here and there, rest they are stunning’.

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