Who Am I ?A Lunatic or a humanitarian

Basudha Modak
Posted July 24, 2021 from South Africa

so a few days back I had the opportunity to be in conversation with someone who is a suffice to say something in her field of work.She asked me , what are my qualifications to write about social justice and peace. And she also tried to rub In ,that what I post on social media will be misinterpreted, as people will think that you have those qualifications...

Just recently here, we realized how strong social media can be. And I have sometimes poured my heart out in my writings( well often).

But every single post i have written about is my personal experience. I just happen to care about situations that no one bothers about or accepts as normal.I carry a chip on my shoulders to change the minds of women I get in touch with so they can go and change the world...yes I still have a dream of completing my mtech and getting a Phd..But I am better because I know my vison and my goals. Italk to innumerable women and very young girls who have surrendered themselves to Life. And believe me, they are the ones being expolited and manipulated because they donot have the strength to speak up...

yes, I carry a chip on my shoulder , to be the Voice and to work as long as I am able to. because If i can, why not others. I know my story and what i had to do to reach where i am today, but one thing I never did was compromise. If I was pushed away, I learnt the skill and came back again and again...

 I was unrooted and planted in neglect, innumerable times, and for years I believed I didn't deserve happiness, acknowledgement and peace ...But perhaps for me to complete some cycle, I had to become a self advocate. To be one, We just need to care and recognize the pain and the humiliation in every set of eyes...What am I going to learn about laws and rules when i can always ask someone to guide me on them.

One thing I will never be is indifferent to any one I ever meet, and If it makes me emotional , or  if it pushes me on a journey of learning, I am always ready to learn. And a few pieces of paper can never compensate for the growth i have from life's practical teaching , of the women and girls who humble me daily. They have a much clear vison of what they want to achieve in their worst times, and that is all the degrees i really need...

  To be understood and acknowledged and remembered Like a candle in the dark. What will I do with the money I get sitting on some high post ,I will be bounded and unable to be the Voice. And not able to take a decision to  work the way I wish. Yes, money is scarce ,for When Women in power could not achieve much, what could we unqualified workers gain?

 But happiness is finally what matters, and to be heard. At least , women are being seen and read and not pushed aside...The 4th revolution is already On, and with it every single Women will be very soon heard.

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Mahima Rathore
Jul 24
Jul 24

hello Basudha ❤
I agree with you that digree is just a piece of paper and behind every strong person is a story that gave them no choice.
you are a strong lady .

Nini Mappo
Jul 24
Jul 24

Dearest Basudha :)
What if you were a lunatic? So what? You would be crazy about truth, about justice, about empowerment, about sound leadership, about growth, about equal opportunity, about freedom.... And that is awesome crazy if you ask me. And if you come across someone who just wants to be passive because they are in a good situation, or even in a poorly situation but have accepted the status quo, they ain't gonna get you sister. Because you are travelling on different planes, and viewing the world and the circumstances with different lenses. Don't let them impede your flow.

As for qualifications, I completely agree with you. Competence in one discipline can be very narrow, and definitely does not equip one with the courage and wisdom to live justly, to love mercy, and to care for the opressed. Besides, all our mothers and fathers without formal papers are some of the wisest and most knowledgeable people about life.
So I would say raise your voice higher. And even if what you say is misunderstood, well, that is expected. Even qualifications don't make people immune to be misinterpreted, it's simply a consequence of diversity and all the back stories, personal worldviews and expereinces each individual brings to a story they are reading/viewing.

Take heart; we believe in you. In your passion/that you don't sit on the fence about what matters, and you dig up the courage to continue your advocacy.

Cheers to your positive lunacy (aka courageous compassion) ;)

Laa'iqah SeedSower
Jul 25
Jul 25

Thank you for being a wild woman of love who speaks for the voiceless from a place of authentic compassion.

I work in adult education, and often see people judged by a piece of paper, or the lack thereof. We sometimes disregard experience and good-old-fashioned wisdom, to our own detriment.

It is heartwarming to read that you also value happiness - especially in this 4IR!

In solidarity

Jul 25
Jul 25

Hello my dear sister. Thank you for your voice! The experience of life speaks for itself. It is hard, but at the same time, educating! I am so happy to have found a platform, right here, where there are no indifferences, and no comparisons. I can relate with you my dear sister. I like what you say, that a few papers cannot determine who we really are and in the same way it cannot determine on how we impact the world. While education is important, it's also just one of many avenues made available to us. Sometimes individuals, unknowingly, thrive on leading a stereotypical life. You have voiced out to them (in your story) that it does not end there. Lady, you say it as it is and I love that. I love your spirit and your truthfulness. Thank you for your story. Keep warm and much love to you.

Adriana Leigh G.
Jul 25
Jul 25

This Basudha, yes! " And a few pieces of paper can never compensate for the growth i have from life's practical teaching , of the women and girls who humble me daily. They have a much clear vison of what they want to achieve in their worst times, and that is all the degrees i really need..."
Speaking as someone who later in life has come to realize a huge source of power and intelligence that really can only come from healing and understanding my own experiences, you name an important truth we need to hear.

The courage of speaking from your truth is an intelligence that no Phd provides, and many who have them have not been able to do the work to share the way you can. Emotional connection and awareness, and speaking from your experience, I honour right here. This is intelligence, this is a wisdom, and asking for a Phd to qualify to speak about matters of justice is a way that can perpetuate the same cycle of injustice, so good on you for sharing this here.
Big hug to you from Montreal,

Jul 25
Jul 25

Thank you for sharing. Everyone of us is unique and important. No one should be neglected. You voice does matter. You deserve happiness. Please keep raise your voice and brings the general awareness.
Stay Strong! May Almighty God bless you!

Beth Lacey
Jul 29
Jul 29

We should all be able to have our voices for empowerment and improvement heard