sixteen days of history/ revolution

Basudha Modak
Posted November 26, 2018 from India

i was trying to write my thoughts based on the 16 days of activism that started from today.i am  unable to pen any. what do i write only for 16 days, will any awareness also be created?Will i be capable of speaking out my life in 16 public speeches, the humiliations and crime  of being born a girl child, the utter disregard of me not allowed to speak as the daughterinlaw of the House, being  crossed over for seniority in jobs because i will not be able to give enough time being newly married?

These 16 days  are too less, only thing is we can start new initiatives now, so that no one else is allowed to face what we had faced.But has the discrimination stopped suddenly? Are these 16 days like a ceasefire where all criminal activities against women are stopped. Will all the public speeches, meetings, going to help us, those who have faced or are facing?

is tomorrow going to be a wonderful day where women will be safer on the streets ,workplace or home?

Rather than organizing all these activities, i would ask real women in this group to advice on soul-utions, i would like to quote them daily to other women i know, so that we feel a little less afraid a little more stronger,to solve our own problems rather than having the rest of the world throw  problems  at us.




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Tamarack Verrall
Nov 27, 2018
Nov 27, 2018

Dear Modak,

I can appreciate your questioning what one more call for activities and action does for us, as continually organizing can be exhausting. And as you point out, can speaking out about all we have faced, each of us in our lives, and collectively with so much in common, do anything to change what is happening? I understand your weariness, questioning whether this will bring real change. But here is what I see, even through tired eyes and heart like yours. Gathering my energy to speak out every time I hear the call of my sisters organizing something, somewhere, in whatever way I can add brings strength to her call. I am not personally organizing an event this 16 days, but that there is a call for 16 days of action gives me an opening to speak about women coming together on this and question why the person I am speaking to has not realized that this is a known global crisis. Next we have women's marches in January. And 1 billion rising and dancing in sync globally February 14th. Then International Women's Day. And Take Back the Night...yes, exhausting but we are every time we gather, keeping this crisis in the news, and maybe a woman isolated will find us. Dear Sister, I understand your weariness. But even here your voice calls for us all to get specific with ideas of how we can make this change happen. And that call will bring us more focus, and closer to our goal. I hope you get lots of quotes here. As you can see mine is a bit long! May these waves wash over you with renewed energy, knowing that we are here to do this together.

With love in Sisterhood,

Nov 27, 2018
Nov 27, 2018

Hi Basudha,

Thanks for sharing your inquisitive post. I agree that 16 days may not be enough, but I think it will definitely help build the momentum that has already started, like what Tam is saying. It's just another initiative that seems to get stronger and bolder every year. My daily quote would be to, "always be authentic and true to yourself first." You may not believe in yourself now but you can always be true to yourself and that in itself is exhibiting self love, approval and strength.

Lily Habesha
Nov 28, 2018
Nov 28, 2018

Hi Modak,
Keep doing what you want to do. Forget the other voices that discouraging you, ignore all negative will see the changes later.


Mauwa Brigitte
Nov 29, 2018
Nov 29, 2018

Count much more on oneself instead of being discouraged by others. Go ahead with your own ideas you will arrive without fear. The beginning is always difficult by asking questions I'll get there? What will they understand me? And if I failed?
Close your eyes on others, you will succeed, and associate those who have preceeded you in the proffesional experience.
Thank you for exiting!

Sharon Bhagwan Rolls
Dec 03, 2018
Dec 03, 2018

Hi Basudha the her'story of the 16 days Campaign is such an incredibly important demonstration of feminist organising and bringing visibility to the need to keep organising and keep questioning why we still have such a high level of gender based violence across the globe and drive home the need to transform the root causes of violence.