The little Garden

Basudha Modak
Posted September 21, 2020 from South Africa
Sweet Peas Planted by the Kids

Amidst the small shanty and the squalor ,

The overflowing waste and the dirt .

There is a little garden of  vegetables ,

planted to sustain those  there in the pandemic ...

A place where women spend hours talking ,

while watering the plants ,

or cutting the daily  harvest .

 A place where sharing and giving to everyone ,

is accepted  without any fights.

Everyone knows who gets what.

The men also use it often,

as a meeting place ,

They make sure to get good soil , dig timely too,

 so the harvest is aplenty ...

The young kids  planted,

a patch of pretty flowers ,

Growing even  prettier this summer ..

In the middle of  their story of struggle ,

here is their own Garden of Eden .

Here only love persists and  a new world is daily  born .

Welcome to Paradise .



This story was submitted in response to From Poetry to Paintings .

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Nini Mappo
Sep 22
Sep 22

Hello Basudha,
What a beautiful picture of a flourishing, nourishing, healing, uniting, love-filled community garden, where everyone is welcome, to bring love, share love and grow a new world!

Basudha Modak
Sep 22
Sep 22

Thank you Nini .I so believe that a garden is required in every community now ,to become self sustaining ..

Hello, Basudha,

Wow, you have a lot poetry in you! I can see how much you love gardening, dear. From your previous post on how you revived a dying plant, and this time through poetry. Thank you for sharing this with us. I am really happy that you are active in posting. Keep it up, dear sister!

Basudha Modak
Sep 22
Sep 22

Thank u Karen ..Self sustainibility for all townships is the way forward ..

Sep 28
Sep 28

It is a good poet Thanks for it-I love trees and some other animals ot Biodiversity

Basudha Modak
Sep 28
Sep 28

Thank you Simon .I never can fully explain what effect trees have on my mind and mental health ..
Thank you for understanding.