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Posted November 7, 2015 from Bangladesh
Girl shared her speech
Girl shared her statement regarding the discrimination and gender based violence at Dhaka Minority Community . There are many ways to analyse project issues, here are some suggested ways; There were the top ten issues like important of Indigenous/ethnic identity, dignity, lack of right to participate, lack of right to freedom of expression and opinion, lack of right to freedom of assembly and association, lack of right to take part in government, lack of right to human rights education, lack of rights to equality (opportunities, services, pay), lack of rights to self assertion (dignity, identity, religion, caste, and so forth), lack of right to integrity (protection, justice) and right to services (education, health, facilities). And their impact was raised awareness amongst all levels of society and to promote the rights of indigenous/ethnic in society. The focus was thus not only on raising awareness and encouraging civil society, youth and government official participation but also focusing on long-term and sustainable outcomes with a positive impact. Right to freedom of expression and opinion, Right to integrity (protection, justice) issues of project suffered the most issues. Youth Right is not secured by the Government. In Bangladesh recently youth was tortured by the political parties. Citizen rights, important of youth women issues are opened. Minorities and marginalized groups youth women are always misused by the state and political parties. Recommendation: Finally, summarise your findings in a table and place a copy in the executive summary section at the start of this document.  The demonstration programs should be continued to ensure justice, good governance and human rights and finally sustainable empowerment of youth in Bangladesh.  Horizontal learning process (good practice) will be introduced among others areas and others youth in Bangladesh.  The demonstration program will be organized on 25 November 2015 to 10 December 2015 regarding the issue of UN International day events clebration,  Involvement of Local Government Institute (by increasing the budget) can make the assignment more result worthy and resourceful
group dance
group dance : Girls shared their group dance at community and more than 300 girls and young women participated in the events (1/3)

Description of Project Events Report: Youth Defence Bangladesh & Girls Power Project organized demonstration events including youth gathering, dance and dialogue on 17 September 2015 at the Dhaka south city corporation areas in Cooperation and partnership with Alert Fund, Aparajeyo- Bangladesh (AB), BCHRD, Rainbow, Polliama, and youth community in Dhaka City Corporation. Demonstration events willbe organized at Dhaka to end gender based violence at Dolpur Community Centre under the Dhaka City Corporation. Youth leader, Organizer of Girls Power Project and Chief Executive of Youth Defence Bangladesh Mr. Mahmudul Hassan Kajol conducted the session. Youth Leader of Mr. Mahabub Alam Chaired in the events as chief speaker, Community Youth Leader of Mr.Muktar Hossain, Moni Bala youth Leader, Nilufa Yeasmin, Jorna Akter, Shipli Akter, Anu Rani Das given their statement. More than 300 Girls and youth women participated in the events. The main goal of the event is to reduce the gender based violence against Indigenous Girls and youth Women. We organized demonstration program demanding stop gender based violence against Indigenous girls and youth women and also demanding justice for the survivors of Girls and youth women in Bangladesh. The program used the organization name and logo on the banner and key note under the girl’s power project and survivors help line number 1098 disclosed in the events which is toll free number only for rescuing of survivors of children’s, girls and youth women. Community youth participation, youth networking, linkage with youth leader, membership with youth of BCHRD, and youth gender sensitization were considered in the implementation process. Indigenous youth leader and organizer youth leader of Youth Defence Bangladesh (YDB) and Girls Power project (GPP) Ms. Moni Bala shared her statement regarding the violence situation against indigenous/ethnic women in Bangladesh. She said through his statement and project concept that gender Based Violence is increasing in an alarming rate including rape, forceful conversion into religion, killing after raped, sexual harassment, kidnapping and suppression to indigenous women have increased in Chittagong Hill Tracts and plain lands. Despite the government's pledge to adopt a zero tolerance for violence against ethnic women, girls and children, there has not been significant progress in the ground realities. We are vulnerable because of prejudice in the administration. The violence includes rape, abduction and murder. Recently a Garo youth woman was raped in Dhaka city and nobody come to help her. The recent plight of a Garo woman having to go from one police station to another to file her case of being gang-raped is an example of how state agencies show bias in the way they treat victims from these communities. We know about the unresolved case of Kalpana Chakma who was abducted 19 years ago from the CHT region is an indication of how far back this discrimination can be traced to and this was a serious human rights violation. Youth leader Mr. Mahbub Alam said about the youth repression in Bangladesh especially minority groups. Torture, abduction and rape, rape after killing and forcefully conversion into others religion is increasing in Bangladesh especially against youth minority groups. We have to raise voice for the voiceless groups and it will be more and more. We have to reach every house of youth groups. I thanks to organizer of the Youth Defence Bangladesh, they are playing a vital role to reduce the gender based against indigenous youth groups in Bangladesh. I strongly recommended that this type of events will be organized in every Conner of Bangladesh to raise mass awareness. Organizer Mr. Kajol share the concept of indigenous women are passing insecure life in Bangladesh. Whole indigenous societies are worried about violence against indigenous young women and girls. Most of the time the local administration did not conduct an accurate fact finding, investigation and sometimes they delayed to arrest perpetrators in connection with violence against indigenous women. The government does not proper work to take immediate action to prevent violence against indigenous women. Lack of proper fact finding and investigation, complex and long justice system, lack of legal aid support, insecurity of victims’ family, culture of impunity to the perpetrators etc. are the main causes of increasing violence against indigenous women and girls. Indigenous women are mistreated when they went their work place, school or college and even when they stayed at home. He demanded the local government and respected authority from the events to conduct the fact findings and investigation regarding the matters and to ensure the justice, good governance and human rights for the youth groups who are violated. The events ended through a youth dance with colorful and participants enjoyed the events.

Achievements and Findings of Events:

Participation of speech, banner, demonstration including youth gathering and dance in the event spot of youth groups increased the mental force of them and their family members. Girls Power Project and its support & partners reached into target groups through the events massage to aware for the target groups and their family members. More than 300 youth participated in the events and they established unity and fellow good feelings through the events. Participants are committed to share the events awareness with their family members and friends about the events and their rights and also they will involve others youth with the youth defence movement in Bangladesh. They have been feeling mentally powerfully at this attendance of youth participants in the events and they empowered by the events. They have been thinking themselves dignified to know their rights about the events. The oppressed family members do not think themselves alone. They think that there have so many persons or NGO, INGO with them. They also think that their social dignity has also been increased. May find a trace of new victims and any family member may be an expert caregiver.

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Liz Poulsen
Nov 11, 2015
Nov 11, 2015

Hello -

I enjoyed reading about your event. It is so important for girls and women to have these kinds of spaces to come together and discuss the discrimination and abuse that they continue to face. I love that you talk about the power of bringing girls and women together--when they feel that they are alone, they may think that they are the only ones that face injustices, or they might feel too afraid to try to do anything about them. With events like yours that bring women together, human rights violations and other injustices are brought out into the light, where support and solutions can both surface.

The energy and warmth of your event and celebration is felt over here in Portland! I hope to read more from you.

In solidarity,


Kendra Mayer
Nov 29, 2015
Nov 29, 2015


Thank you for sharing these important details about the Girls Power Project and the event that took the same name. I'm so glad and lucky to have the opportunity to learn more about the inspiring work being done through the project. I congratulate the organizers of the event for bringing together so many women in solidarity and promoting zero tolerance for violence against women, especially those at high risk. 

The fact that the event made women and families understand that they are not alone is so powerful. I am very happy to hear that the Girls Power Project is empowering whole communities of people that would otherwise feel isolated in experiencing human rights violations. 

I hope to hear more about the organization and events like this one. This project is a great and necessary movement towards a future without so much fear and injustice. 

In solidarity, 


Julia O
Nov 30, 2015
Nov 30, 2015

Hi BCHRD, I read your post with so much interest as I do not know very much about Bangladesh or the discrimination against women, and particularly Indigenous women, there. Your work sounds excellent and very inspiring. I love the name Girls Power Project - it's wonderful that you are helping girls find opportunities to harness that power. Bringing people together to work together to fight these injustices and human rights violations is a super worthy cause. Thanks so much for sharing. Best wishes, Julia

Tamarack Verrall
Feb 21, 2016
Feb 21, 2016


This is great news, with such a successful Girls Power Project. It sounds like a powerful event with lasting effect. Once again reading of the work that you are involved in in Bangladesh, I see so many parallels to what is taking place here in Canada. Three movements here might be of interest to you: Missing and Murdered Aboriginal Women Movement, #Am I Next, and No More Stolen Sisters. I hope that the confident girls that you are supporting, and our collective voices globally will create change, especially for those most often invisible.

In sisterhood,


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