Invest for Justice for the Girls Child Engaged in Begging

Posted December 4, 2015 from Bangladesh
To end girls child begging at street of Dhaka City
A woman was begging at street with three girls child in Dhaka. To raise voice against them. As a part of the initiatives, Invest for Justice of Children’s to end child begging at street on “Children’s engaged in begging in Dhaka city” will be continued

Bangladesh is one of the largest deltas in the world with a total area of 147,570 sq. km. having about 160 million populations which has made it one of the densely populated countries of the world. Density is 834 per sq km. The country is covered with a network of rivers and canals forming a maze of interconnecting channels. Bangladesh has an agrarian economy that dominates the economy of the country. Bangladesh has been facing challenges to overcome some social problems. Of them ‘Children’s Begging’ is in priority list. According to the ministry’s data, there are around 100,000 beggars in Dhaka, a city which is home to well over 1.2 crore people. Many of the beggars are physically challenged.

In 2012, a survey was run on 10,000 beggars in the capital to find out the key reasons they had become beggars for and also offer them alternative livelihoods. The DSS tasked 10 NGOs with carrying out the survey where the beggars were divided into different categories such as seasonal, regular, disabled, women and child.

In Bangladesh, number of extreme poor children is increasing day by day at Dhaka City. There are many social, economical and natural causes are behind it. However, poor and rootless children's are migrating from villages to towns and cities for getting job or with hope to lead a better life. But most of them do not get work to fulfill basic needs minimally. And thus, they are compelled to beg in streets. This scenario is maximum in Dhaka city and has drawn everybody’s attention. The government has failed to put attention on the issue and has undertaken initiatives to address the problem.

As a part of the initiatives, Invest for Justice of Children’s to end child begging at street on “Children’s engaged in begging in Dhaka city” will be continued. The main objectives of the Invest for Justice of Children’s are as follows:

i) To identify the parents of children’s who engaged in begging in Dhaka city

ii) To educate them and provide social justice according to their ability and capability

ii) To rescue the them from the street begging and move to government shelter home

Campaigns' deadlines: 02 December 2015 to 31 January 2016

-7000$ Amounts of money we need to raise

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Tamarack Verrall
Feb 04, 2016
Feb 04, 2016

This is important information for us all to know. That so many are forced to beg in the streets, and the number of children involved, is an enormous problem that needs to be solved. That people are migrating from rural areas into the streets of the cities adds to the emergency. Your story makes clear the close connection between poverty and vulnerability of women and children on the streets. Any progression from this report would be good to know about. Hopefully the 10 NGO's that took part in the survey are now able to create a plan. Thank you for keeping us informed. You would be welcome to describe your need for funds under WorldPulse/Community/Resources.

Good luck with your fund raising.