james wafula
Posted November 12, 2015 from Kenya

Harassment of women in the society is no doubt an issue that should receive total condemnation from all that value life.A woman is like a mustard seed from which a tree grows to accommodate many.From the seed to the seedling we have a sworn responsibility to love,cherish and protect the girl child as at birth to adulthood from harm.

I come from a remote village in Kenya where nature in itself is made to look like an enemy to a girl child development.Harassment is not limited to the society but the environment in which the girl child lives in.A point in case is where her education is considered a tertiary need!This in essence amounts to nipping her dream of prosperious growth in the bud.If we cant take care of the seed how can we be sure that we will water the seedling then the tree at maturity?By empowering them at an early age assures us a better future for the woman in the girl.

The girl child I teach in the village has to endure long distances to access education.The school attendance is further interfered with the calling of menses;thanks to world vission that has come in to help.Early marriages are a testimony of a child who has lost hope and can hardly realise the intrinsic value in her.I watch them come to school late because they had to cross rivers on hanging bridges amidst a scolding enviroment.The same environment that pushes them to be lured into becoming mothers at tender age.This to me is harrasment from all corners that endangers our mustard seed"girl child"from maturing into a respectful and fruitful tree"mother."

I miss the would be mum,yes I miss her,lets join hands to rebuke women harrasment,it doesnt and wont hurt to do so.

james wafula-kenya

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Paul Frank
Nov 12, 2015
Nov 12, 2015

It is so good to hear you speak like this.  There are few among us who are able to transcend their local community of friends and neighbors and see a better way.  It is on the shoulders of people like yourself that we will create a world that not only includes everyone, but also benefits from the unique contributions that everyone has to give.