Thank You

Beatrice SunTrack
Posted July 30, 2020 from Uganda

Sisters thank you for the messages, encouragement all help that you gave out to the world during the trial times of COVID-19 lock-down. I believe that no matter how small it was, it was helpful to some one out there.

With the end of the lock down, so much has happened and many of our sisters across the globe may not have the courage to rise up again because jobs have been lost and many have used up almost all of their life's saving, but we should reach out to them to encourage and strengthen them. I beseech you to reach out to your neighbor, stretch out your hand to help them stand once again.

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Jul 30
Jul 30

Thank you for sharing .

Tarke Edith
Jul 30
Jul 30

Hello sis Beatrice
Thanks for sharing with us

Hello, Beatrice,

It’s truly lovely to see generous people sharing their resources with those who are in need. Thank you for acknowledging that.

Please stay safe always!

Nini Mappo
Jul 31
Jul 31

Hi Beatrice,
It is true that adversity brings the best of humanity to the foreground. I hope that the world can continue in the spirit of supporting one another even beyond this season of difficulties.
Stay safe

in sisterhood,