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I need help to go to college (Dartmouth College)

Posted February 12, 2021 from Brazil

Dear friends,
I am Beatriz and I come from Manaus (northern Brazil). In December 2020, I was honored to be accepted to the Class of 2025 at Dartmouth College, a respected institution in New Hampshire, USA. However, my scholarship was not enough to cover my cost of attendance due to my family's financial condition and to the fact that my own father turned his back on me in my time of greatest need. I have already tried to appeal to the financial aid office, but to no avail. Now, although Dartmouth is my dream school, I cannot go.

I came here to kindly ask for your help. If you can contribute with any amount, connect me to someone who can, or share an opportunity to help me pay for my studies, I will be forever grateful. My government does not offer funding opportunities.

At Dartmouth College, I intend to pursue a bachelor's degree in Political Science and dive into the fields of International Relations and Education. My dream is to use Dartmouth's unparalleled global opportunities to transform education in Latin America and in my home, Brazil. I want to work at UNESCO'S International Institute for Educational Planning and conduct research on teaching careers. I aim to reform teaching careers to offer better working conditions and opportunities to teachers worldwide, ensuring quality education and better learning outcomes for students in the developing world.

It really hurts to know that I am qualified to go to one of the best colleges in the United States - and have an education that will change not only my life but potentially the lives of thousands of others - but that I might have to let this chance go because of financial reasons.

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Jill Langhus
Feb 13
Feb 13

Hi Beatriz,

Welcome to World Pulse! Don't lose hope there are always other ways, and means, if it's mean to be. And there are other universities out there. It sounds like you have the passion, drive, and goals. They won't leave you. I have a feeling you will find a way. Good luck on your goals and let us know how it goes.