Gulu, Uganda ~ entry 3

'becca Nimrod
Posted December 14, 2007 from United States

This will be my last stateside entry. Check our family blog, for updates from the road.

I was reading the words of a dear friend, Shanua in her book Cold Tangerines. She has written a book of 40 essays on life and celebration. The essay I read this afternoon is about Shalom. She describes it as "...a way of living...harmonizing and hitting a balance point, a converging of a thousand balance pints and voices, layering together, twisting together, and therea re moments when it clicks into place just for a split second - God and marriage and forgiveness and something deep inside that feels like peace..."

I have 4 bags packed ready to load into our car. Really only one is of personal items, the other 3 are items we are taking to give to HEALS and one has things from home that Elliott will enjoy if he is missing home. I've made sure i have little surprises packed in E's carry on that will help pass the time on our first 8 hour flight. I'll be sleep deprived on the second flight, which is sure to bring its own creative parenting moments. :)

I have emotionally checked out today. I do this to avoid tears and thoughts of missing my husband. He arranged a lunch date for us this past Wednesday and as we ate, shared and prayed - I cried. Our server came to the table and wondered if the food was good - Through teary eyes, I said yes, but had not tasted a bite. (It ended up to be delicious.) As we visited I envisioned the day that we, our whole family, is able to travel to his continent (my husband is Liberian) and eventually his country. As of now, it is a dream - one day it will be a reality. When I dream of it, sometimes I cry through the smile or smile through the cry.

I think of how thankful I am to have a husband who is so supportive of me, my desire to learn and experience through service travel. I understand that not all women are as forunate. For him, Jonathan, I am thankful. I love him with my deepest being.

Today has been a whilrwind of phone calls, last minute visits, a christmas party at my husband's office, trying to fit in playdates and a family movie date. My boys are in the other room wrestling with a young woman who has become like family over the past two years. Last year she traveled with me on this same journey. This year as she stays behind, she will help care for Chas, my youngest son.

On this trip I will do my best to teach my son about lending more than a hand, but lend his heart. As he learns to drum and dance with children half a world away, I pray that his heart at times find the Shalom, of which Shauna writes.

I pray that you too find Shalom. May your holiday season be bright and your new year filled with peace. For those who are folowing along on this journey, I thank you. I would love to hear comments and know your adventures. Much love, many blessings ~


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Cynthia Mojab
Dec 14, 2007
Dec 14, 2007

Just want to wish you well on your journey. Traveling internationally with a young child is no small feat, especially when you aren't "just visiting," the trip isn't brief, and you are separated from beloved family members.

Safar bekheir, bon voyage, que tenga buen viaje, and safe travels!


Cynthia Good Mojab Director, LifeCircle Counseling and Consulting,

Julie Fiandt
Dec 18, 2007
Dec 18, 2007

Best wishes! I look forward to your further posts!


Eugene Frank
Dec 18, 2007
Dec 18, 2007

You can be sure I will be checking your updates. I hope to learn a little bit of what you will be learning on your trip.