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becky jaine
Posted December 1, 2016 from United States

WE the People need each other, all of every one of us. We each have something meaningful to give. Together we are stronger and have greater possibilities because we are all here, alive, now.

We the People can make decisions that place and activate love over fear.

We the People can commit to reducing consumption of oil (i.e. carpooling, limiting/consolidating convenience driven car trips) –and ultimately evolve from oil towards bio-remediative sources of fuel helping the environment instead of depleting and contaminating it.

We the People can support the beliefs of our Native American brothers and sisters.

We can apologize for the atrocious ways of our ancestors.

We the People in this present moment, can apologize for the past and the painful Holocaust that happened in the making of this Country.

We the People can apologize to our African American brothers and sisters for the cruel and demeaning ways of our ancestors. We can hold gratitude to all those who suffered and those who lost their lives. We can learn from our past and not repeat it.

We the People can apologize for the detrimental painful patterns of separatist behavior that still happens and oppresses all human beings, keeping us from our potential.

We the People can honor sacred burial grounds of all people. We can regard these lands with reverence regardless of our personal religious beliefs or our personal oil-consumption patterns/needs.

We the People can listen and respect opinions than differ from our own.

We the People can prioritize human lives, dignity and values over monetary profit.

We the People can honor, respect and acknowledge the Earth and the bountiful–yet finite–gifts she gives.

We the People can choose to no longer allow Pipelines to cut through our country, and propagate the old oil-driven story of US, We can demand companies expand and employ people and technologies that will help–not hurt–the environment and ultimately us humans.

We the People have the power to change our story and begin a new one that honors all people and the beautiful planet we are connected with and bound to.

We the People can regard human beings as potential medicine for the problems of our planet, while accepting culpability, and learning from our past.

We the People can believe that each of us has gifts to give in our lifetimes, important gifts that are needed and will make a difference.

We the People can believe there is a better way, and that NOW is the time for us to explore it together, in peace, with loving hearts listening ears, and not fists or force.

We the People are intelligent, capable and strong enough to hold the pain of not having all the answers, while simultaneously trusting the answers shall emerge and serve each and every one of us.

We the People can live forward in ways that do not inflict physical pain, intentional suffering, harm or death to any human.

We the People of this Earth can believe that together we can co-create the solutions we so desperately need and deserve.

I love all us people (in America and the entire world)! Sharing these thoughts knowing this list is incomplete. These words come from my heart and prayers with my great love and hope for us… for humanity. I certainly cannot speak as ALL “We the people”, but–in marrying my imaginings with my heart–I feel energized and optimistic to wonder what our world will be like, if and when we indeed believe these as truths. I wonder… what would be possible for us? I also wonder, what are your “We the Peoples”?

This story was submitted in response to After the US Election, Make Your Voice Heard.

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