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Belinda Asahchop
Posted July 19, 2020 from Canada
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My name is Belinda Asahchop, I am mother of two beautiful girls and married to the love of my life, my family is my WHY and I want to be able to leave a legacy of the impact I make with them.  I am a registered social worker with over 10 years experience and has been empowering families, especially women to embrace their unique skills and live in abundance. I am also a Life coach for moms who aspire to transform their dreams to a reality while making a difference and impacting their communities positively.

My beliefs growing up made me understand that failure was a thing of shame and unheard of, this held me from pursuing pursuing my passion for so long because I was afraid of falling and bringing shame to my family.

I was afraid and had a lot of limiting beliefs, imposter syndrome that affected my confidence of following my dreams. I also went through multiple miscarriages (seven) before having my children, this affected my self -confidence as I felt worthless and unworthy to be a mother and a wife.

I was thought to go to school l, get married and get job and I will be find but I realise I was not fulfilled after acquiring all this things but I wanted to do more than a job and taken care of my family.

To the glory of God I gave  my life to Him, trusted and focus with much faith, positive mindset, acceptance and gratefulness. The more I focused on gratitude, the more I learn how to appreciat, love myself and regain myself confidence.

I use my experience and journey  to support other moms embrace their inner power, tell their story, heal, embrace change and attract abundance with confidence.

I have a platform and group on facebook where I host lives programs every week by shining the light of one woman who tells her stories to inspire others. I also do zoom meetings where I teach on the importance of personal development to women who want more in life but do not know how to go about it.

I have also featured on different platforms as a guess to ignite and encourage others. 

My programs focus on building  self-confidence, personal development, mindset shift, abundance, wealth creation, starting a business and supporting them gain clarity as they find their passion, purpose & potential to create value. 

I believes that having a successful, income-generating business while raising children is possible.  Especially when you have a clear 'why' in your vision for your life and your business, you can take intentional steps to make that vision a reality.

My husband Joseph  and myself have a non-profit where we organized donations and giveaway programs to people in our home country Cameroon. Our recent project was donation of free face masks and hand sanitizers for the fight against COVID- 19, food items were also donated to support people while in lock down. We plan do another project in September for back to school items for children and families struggling.

It's been an amazing journey empowering, creating, supporting, lifting other women and self discovery. I love it and will keep doing it selflessly as long as it brings joy to the people I serve.

Link to my e-book!

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Jul 19
Jul 19

Thank you beautiful for sharing . Hope you are good ?
Love and light .

Jul 19
Jul 19

Thank you beautiful for sharing . Hope you are good ?
You have a beautiful smile .
Keep smiling beautiful .
Love and light.

Busayo Obisakin
Jul 19
Jul 19

Dear Belinda
You are greatly welcome to World Pulse, the community of thriving women in 190 countries of the world. Your story is inspiring and what you are also doing by making people tell their stories to inspire others is great. Than you for that great work you are doing

Hello, Belinda,

Welcome to World Pulse! What a joy that a new voice from Canada is rising up!

What an inspiring story you have, dear. I'm sorry you lost seven babies. That must be tough. How strong and resilient you are!

Kudos to you and your husband for helping those in Cameroon. There are a lot of Cameroonians here!

Please keep on writing. We would love to know more about you. I hope you can connect to our global sisters and access opportunities on the Resources Page.

I'm looking forward to reading more from you. Welcome again to our growing sisterhood!

Jul 21
Jul 21

My dear Belinda,

It is a great pleasure and honour to have you on World Pulse. Thank you for sharing you very inspiring story.

What you are doing is extremely important because you are not only supporting communities in Cameroon, but you are also silently participating in building your nation.

Every empowered woman in your country and on this forum should emulate your example.

Please keep us updated and all the best in your selfless work.

In sisterhood and solidarity

Paulina Nayra
Jul 23
Jul 23

You are a great soul Belinda. The world needs people like you who can coach women to develop their confidence and become best version of themselves. Imagine the impact that you make by supporting a woman to become economically productive entrepreneurs. You are an inspiration to many who may have felt hopeless of having a child and after seven (7) miscarriages still managed to have baby. Only the brave and the faithful can do that. Continue to do what you're doing. May your tribe increase.


Thelma obani 2020
Jul 29
Jul 29

Welcome to world pulse dear.
We love you always.