My Elevator Pitch

Sadaf Kashif
Posted March 28, 2016 from Pakistan

Hi! I am Sadaf, an independent journalist passionately raising awareness at grassroots level to address hitherto existing inhuman cultural practices like child marriage, gender discrimination and women empowerment. I believe in harnessing digital platform to reach maximum people in the shortest possible time. Reaching the community is vital as knowledge acts as a catalyst to unlearn inhuman customs and adapting women friendly practices. My intervention has been greatly appreciated and youngsters took great interest in joining the movement.

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Tamarack Verrall
Apr 09, 2016
Apr 09, 2016

Hello Sadaf,

Your elevator pitch tells us a lot, and your video really brings to light the important work that you are doing. It is such good news that you have been able to encourage people who have suffered badly from inhuman customs. I look forward to your keeping us informed. Your news provides us with important information. Hopefully our collective voice can be an effective support for you in your work, and in effecting change.

In sisterhood,


Lisa Anderson
Mar 29, 2016
Mar 29, 2016

Dear Sadaf,

Thank you for sharing your elevator pitch! Your voice is a powerful one in addressing inhumane cultural practices. You are so right that a digital platform reaches people in the shortest possible time. I'm heartened to hear your message has been well received by young people. Shine on!

Warm regards


Apr 01, 2016
Apr 01, 2016


Hello Mrs. Sadaf!

Thank you for sharing your "elevator pitch", through which we understand that you are a freelance journalist, who work to educate and alert the Pakistani public about the inhuman cultural practices such as: child marriage, discrimination based on gender and women's empowerment in your community; through the media. Bravo for your activism and your struggle to improve the conditions of women and children! Also thank you for the shared videos.

However, I encourage you to target more precisely the group that your messages will more specifically address: the children or their parents regarding child marriage? Or, how precise fringe of the Pakistani community and the province these messages are directed more specifically with regard to gender-based violence?

 It also will you need to target and specify the District or villages to better assess the impact of your action through the implementation, monitoring and evaluation of actions and resources. This will allow to know what type of media is appropriate in each context.

Once again, congratulations to Mrs. Sadaf for your initiative.



French :

Bonjour Madame Sadaf !

Merci de nous avoir partagé votre "elevator pitch", à travers lequel nous comprenons que vous êtes une journaliste indépendante, qui vous attelez à sensibiliser et alerter l’opinion publique pakistanaise sur les pratiques culturelles inhumaines tel que : le mariage des enfants, les discriminations basées sur le genre, et la capacitation des femmes dans votre communauté ; à travers des média. Bravo pour votre activisme, ainsi que pour votre lutte pour l’amélioration des conditions des femmes et des enfants ! Merci également pour les vidéos nous partagés.

Au reste, je vous encourage à cibler de manière plus précise le groupe auquel vos  messages devront plus spécifiquement s’adresser: aux enfants ou à leurs parents s’agissant du mariage des enfants ? Ou encore, à quelle frange précise de la communauté pakistanaise et dans quelle province ces messages s’adressent le plus spécifiquement s’agissant  des violences basées sur le genre ?

 Il vous sera en outre nécessaire de cibler et préciser les Quartiers ou villages de manière à mieux évaluer l’impact de votre action à travers la  mise en œuvre, le suivi  et l’évaluation  d’actions et des moyens. Ceci  qui permettra de savoir quel type de média est approprié à chaque contexte.

Une fois de plus, bravo Madame Sadaf pour votre initiative.

Courage !