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Sadaf Kashif
Posted April 11, 2016 from Pakistan
Digital Empowerment One Day Training Program
Digital Empowerment One Day Training Program 13 April 2016 @ 4 pm

Digital Empowerment

One Day Training Program

13 April 2016 @ 4 pm

Back Ground

Whatsoever is the cast, religion, culture or region, Child/Early Marriage is prevailing in almost all parts of the world. In South Asian region deep-rooted traditions, customs, culture and gender inequalities are major attributes towards child marriage. Girls who are sold by their fathers serve as slaves in their in-laws.

In Pakistan, although Child Marriage Restraint Act 1929 (No XIX) exists according to which child marriage is prohibited and the minimum age of marriage for boy is 18 years whereas for girls this is 16 years (section 2) but even then this practices is on full swing. Recently in January 2016, an effort to outlaw underage marriages has been withdrawn from National Assembly’s as Standing Committee on Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony rejected the Child Marriage Restraint (Amendment) Bill 2014 after the CII dubbed it ‘anti-Islamic’ and ‘blasphemous’.

This is a fact that Men as a father, brother and husband are considered as a hallmark of decision maker within the society. To bring a behavioral change towards child marriage there is a need of greater awareness on a wider scale to inspire men to eliminate child marriage and to promote women rights.

The training has been arranged for community leaders and local community.


“Accelerate the digital literacy through learning process of digital skills to empower Community especially women who are unconfident with modern digital technologies to generate and share solutions related to child marriage by keeping in view the safety and security of individuals/society.”

What Participants will Gain:

In Pakistan majority of females are unfamiliar to utilize modern digital skills and tools to contribute in development. This is a fact that in 21st century technological civilization is a key element for success. With this training I am determine to provide a learning platform where community leaders and general public will be able to learn how to use digital platform and mobile technologies to motivate men especially fathers and brothers for effectively addressing issues related to child marriage and education of girl children. With digital empowerment society will gain new capabilities and behaviors to participate and express solutions to address the issue of child marriage in large global social networks to bring legislative, cultural and behavioral reform.

Possible Community Outcome:

The digital empowerment training will focus on teaching participants the essential skills, tools and techniques required to effectively use the computer and mobile applications. Participants will cultivate a basic understanding of technologies used on the Internet, and how to meritoriously and effectively use Internet technologies including current web-based applications, e-mail, and social networking tools and searching strategies. Participants would be able to demonstrate competency and protocols related to safety and security upon the completion of the training. Participants would be able to create posts for sharing their stories, solutions Participants’ will learn that how different stakeholders can participate to ensure education and why community level participation is vital.

I will use Digital empowerment; video and slide sharing; share our stories; challenges and solutions and digital safety.

A short scripted drama will be arranged to develop vulnerability map with the help of participants. This cross-cultural and multicultural segment will work within the experience of community by considering the language and culture.


  1. Special Interest Group Volunteer
  2. Training Hall
  3. Computers
  4. Internet
  5. Digital Projector
  6. White Board
  7. Pencils,Pens, A4 papers
  8. Leadership
  9. Motivation

I will use the premises of my office so I have all resources.

Safety concerns:

Possible threat could be the threat from community and religious leaders as in past a child marriage victim and her family has faced sever threats after refusing their 15 years old daughters’ marriage with 29 years old boy as a second wife.

To avoid such threats participants will be equipped with do’s and don’ts to follow to ensure their security at community level. The identity of participants on online portals will also be protected.

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Apr 18, 2016
Apr 18, 2016



Thank you for this other Post entitled "Training Plan / One Day Training Program"; which apparently respects the learned steps and are relevant!

Training coming to an end and being at the time of balance sheets, it is my time to express congratulations on the quality of your posts.

I keep the memory of you a smart lady and truly applied Leader!

Moreover, if in one way or another, while listening to your assignments, I have offended you or wrinkled, deign apologize.

As your colleague, I dedicate you songs text below that I sometimes joyfully. I wish you enjoy them.

Working tirelessly all day

The work is done before the night

The lazy dozing on the spot

Do not think of the day leaking!

Let’s be working well so that the career

That we must all must complete

Be a path full of light

That knowledge has to offer us!

Friends of mine, oh Friends of mine x2

It's the last song before I leave you

It is the memory of friendships

My friends, bye!!

I have the heart of a man, of a vagabond

That's why wish to offer myself

A pretty trip to America

In the land of memory.

Goodbye ... x6; farewells

Goodbye ... x6; farewells.-

Finally, I wish you every success in the remaining stages of your training and in your role as leader.

Once more Good luck and successful career to you, Mrs BELLA BEE!


French :

Bonjour BELLA BEE,

Merci pour cet autre Poste intitulé : « Training Plan/One Day Training Program » ; lequel apparemment respecte les étapes apprises et aborde une thématique pertinente et bien à propos !

La formation touchant à sa fin et étant à l’heure des bilans, c’est pour moi le moment de vous exprimer toutes mes félicitations pour la qualité de vos postes.

Je garde de vous le souvenir d’une dame intelligente, appliquée et véritablement Leader !

Par ailleurs, si d’une manière ou d’une autre, pendant l’écoute de vos assignements, je vous aurai déplu ou froissé, daignez m’excuser.

Comme à votre Collègue, je vous dédie les textes de chansons ci-dessous qu’il m’arrive de chanter des temps en temps :

En travaillant tous les jours sans relâche

L’ouvrage est fait avant la nuit

Le paresseux sommeillant sur sa tache

Ne songe pas au jour qui fuit !

Travaillons bien afin que la carrière

Que nous devons tous parcourir

Soit un sentier inondé de lumière

Que la savoir doit nous offrir !

Mes amies, oh mes amies x2

C’est la dernière chanson pour vous quitter

C’est le souvenir d’amitiés

Mes amies,aurevoir !

J’ai le cœur d’un homme d’un vagabond

C’est pourquoi je vais m’offrir

Un petit voyage en Amérique

Au pays des souvenir.

Aurevoir… x6 ; Adieux 

Aurevoir… x6 ; Adieux 

Enfin, je vous souhaite plein succès dans les étapes restantes de votre formation et dans votre rôle de Leader.

Bonne chance, et fructueuse carrière à vous, Madame BELLA BEE!