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Sadaf Kashif
Posted April 13, 2016 from Pakistan


"Creating an enabling environment to stop child marriage through an active digital media campaign mainly through the wide circulation of related documentaries and hosting an interactive web portal that will address the subject holistically".

To reach this goal this project aims at

  1. Educating major stakeholders e.g. parents, religious leaders etc. about the impact of early marriage
  2. Awareness generation among young girls and boys so that they act as change makers at grassroots level
  3. To produce interesting documentaries on the subject and circulating the same using all available communication channel
  4. Hosting a web portal that will work as an interface between people interested to act against child marriage and people who can address their concern; finally
  5. To aware media and policymakers about the real picture prevailing at different areas of Pakistan so that they frame appropriate policy.


Primary Target Audience:

  • Family members of probable child grooms and child brides who belongs to remote regions of Pakistan, where this custom is deep rooted.
  • Elder members of the community who still believe in age-old customs, sometimes possess little know how about negative impacts.

Audience Profile:

  • Families planning to marry their children before age
  • Victims of child marriage
  • Community elders who still believe in age old customs and often consider them as custodian of customs

Secondary Target Audience:

  • Religious Leaders
  • Students and educationist
  • Policy makers and politicians
  • International community
  • Unite Nation
  • Child right and child protection bureau
  • Subscribers and readers of Publication houses
  • Magazines, newspapers, blog writers focusing on the subject matter
  • Viewers of National and International News Channels
  • Listeners of Radio Channels
  • Social Media like youtube, vimeo, twitter, facebook, world pulse etc Users

Audience Profile:

  • Digital media users
  • Writers and journalists who have interest in this subject
  • Religious leaders, who often support child marriage
  • NGOs, politicians and policy makers who are struggling and directly involved in legislations

Expected Strategic Actions by Audience:

  • Crowdfunding: Audience will support the campaign by the Fund and Donations for documentary making and web portal hosting
  • Story sharing:Families especially fathers sharing Video and photo to express their love and care for their boy and girl child, behavior modification and social norms related to subject stories sharing
  • Students and Teachers Active Participation: School management will be contacted and Students and teachers will be asked to create awareness by arranging small scripted plays at the school level to change social norms. Later they will upload their videos and pictures on the Facebook campaign page and other social media platforms.
  • Police case registration by public in case they find underage marriage.
  • Religious Leaders: Less resistance in legislation from the side of religious leaders who do not support child marriage.
  • Political Leaders: Major reform in Law by restricting 18 years as a minimum age for marriage
  • Media: Maximum coverage to the subject

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Emily Miki
Apr 14, 2016
Apr 14, 2016

Hi Bella,

Your proposal is well written for any one to read through and catch your vision. Wish you luck on the campaign and please do update us on when the crowdfunding is launched so we can support our sister's vision.

Tamarack Verrall
Apr 14, 2016
Apr 14, 2016

Dear Bella,

I agree with Emily, your plan goes right to the sources of the problem and can be a great help to others wanting ideas and information on how to address child marriage in other communities as well. I also look forward to updates and ways to create support. Good luck with your plans.

In sisterhood,


Sadaf Kashif
Apr 14, 2016
Apr 14, 2016

Respected Sisters,

I m so much glad to see your encouraging messages. I will definitely inform you guys to support my campaign.


Sherna Alexander Benjamin
Apr 15, 2016
Apr 15, 2016

Sister Bella,

What a powerful campaign indeed and you left no one out in your audience section of the campaign. It would be great to see this campaign implemented. 

Stephanie A
Apr 19, 2016
Apr 19, 2016

Bella Bee,

What an important topic to create a campaign around, and it sounds like you have actions that will both raise awareness internationally and have an impact on the ground. I like that you plan to use photo and videos as well, having those images helps bring the issue to life for those of us who aren't living in the midst of it. 

I also like that you have identified both your main audience and your secondary audience, as it looks like your secondary audience will play an important part in helping accomplish some of your strategic actions/outcomes. Have you identified specific ways that you each of these groups would contribute, or ways that you are hoping they will participate in the campaign? Reaching out to so many different audiences will create change on so many levels - for individual girls, families, your community, and hopefully nationally (and internationally!) through changes in the law. 

I look forward to seeing your digital action campaign and the impact it will have!



Apr 25, 2016
Apr 25, 2016



Thank you for sharing your project concerning " the fight against early marriages (child marriage) through an active media campaign awareness”, if I understand you.

In my humble opinion, the sections of a presentation form of a project proposal are almost standardized. The order and the number of items may vary somewhat depending on schools and funds donor; but both of them collect the essential informations required for any project.

I reserve to issue any value judgment on your canvas because the world is changing; However, I suggest you pay the data contained in your canvas in one I suggest below, and you will be pleased to discover that your project proposal is more complete and reliable. So below is that canvas.

I. Summary of the project.

o Project title:

o Names of implementation agencies:

o Project duration:

o Types of beneficiaries:

 Direct.

 Indirect.

II. Socioeconomic context and justification of the project.

 The social point of view:

 The economic point of view:

 From the political point of view:

III. Project Approach:

1. Objective of the project.

2. Expected results.

3. Activities.

IV. Project strategies.

 Implementation Strategy.

 Sustainability strategy.

 Financial sustainability:

 Institutional sustainability:

 Integration of the principle of equity and gender.

VI. Monitoring and evaluation.

 Monitoring startup.

 monitoring during the project.

 Follow up at the end of the project.

VII. Planning / Timing of making the project activities.

VIII. Project logical framework


IX. Indicative Plan of disbursement of funds.

X. Convention with the funds donor.


Once again thank you Mrs BELLA BEE for your application.

Good day to you.


French :

Bonjour BELLA BEE,

Merci de nous avoir partagé votre Projet concernant, si je vous comprends bien, " la sensibilisation à la lutte contre les mariages précoces (mariage d’enfants) ; à travers une agissante campagne médiatique !

A mon humble avis, les rubriques d’un formulaire de présentation d’une proposition de projet sont à peu près standardisées. L’ordre et le nombre de leurs rubriques  peuvent quelque peu varier selon les écoles et les bailleurs des fonds, mais pour l’essentiel ils recueillent les renseignements essentiels requis de tout projet.

Je me réserve d’émettre un quelconque jugement de valeur sur votre canevas parce que le monde évolue ; cependant, je vous suggère de verser les données reprises dans votre canevas dans celui que je vous suggère ci-dessous, et vous serrez heureuse de constater que votre proposition de projet aura été plus complète et plus fiable. Ci-dessous donc ledit canevas. Vous pouvez l’adapter à votre contexte en le synthétisant ou l’enrichissant, selon le cas.

I. Résumé du projet.

Titre du projet : Noms d’agences de réalisation : Durée du projet : Types de bénéficiaires :

Directs. Indirects.

II. Contexte socioéconomique et justification du projet.

Du point de vue social : Du point de vue économique : Du point de vue politique et militaire :

III. Démarche du projet :

1. Objectif du projet.

2. Résultats attendus.

3. Activités.

IV. Stratégies du projet.

Stratégie de mise en œuvre. Stratégie de pérennisation.

Pérennité financière :

Pérennité institutionnelle :

Intégration du principe de l’équité et du genre.

VI. Suivi et évaluation.

Suivi au démarrage. Suivi pendant le projet. Suivi à la fin du projet.

VII. Planning/Chronogramme de réalisation d’activités du projet.

VIII. Cadre logique du projet

IX. Budget (EN DOLLARS US). 

IX. Plan indicatif de décaissement des fonds.

X. Convention avec le bailleur des fonds.


Une fois de plus merci Madame BELLA BEE pour votre application.

Bonne journée à Vous.


Sadaf Kashif
Apr 25, 2016
Apr 25, 2016

Respected Mr. Joseph,

Thanks a lot for your precision guidelines. Here I want to tell you that this project proposal is according to the questions asked by world pulse. I answered their questions, but for sure when I will prepare my final project I will use this format.


Apr 28, 2016
Apr 28, 2016


Colleague BELLA BEE, hello!

Thank you very much for the compliments.

As you will have noticed through my comments on your posts as "LISTENER", believe me I really appreciate your insight and experience.

I suggest you call us all across the World Pulse network "Colleagues", regardless of our ages (youth, adults or old) as our first mission is to make the voices of women and girls worldwide; and above all get down to defend their rights.

I apologize for the delay I made to reply you; Internet is not within my reach at all times. I have to shell out money for transport and internet cafe to access.

Have a Pretty day, Colleague BELLA BEE!


French :

Collègue BELLA BEE, bonjour !

Merci beaucoup pour les compliments.

Comme Vous l’aurez remarqué à travers mes commentaires sur vos postes en ma qualité de « LISTENER », croyez-moi, j’apprécie beaucoup votre lucidité et votre expérience.

Je vous suggère de nous appeler Toutes et Tous collègues à travers le réseau World Pulse, peu importe notre âges (jeunes, adultes ou vieux) car notre mission première c’est faire entendre la voix des femmes et des filles à travers le monde ; et surtout nous atteler à défendre leurs droits.

Je m’excuse pour le retard mis à vous réponde ; Internet n’est pas à ma portée à tout instant. Il me faut débourser de l’argent pour le transport et le cyber café pour y accéder.

Bonne journée Collègue BELLA BEE.