My Dad My Hero-Breaching Customs Structuring Futures

Sadaf Kashif
Posted June 21, 2016 from Pakistan

My Dad My Hero-Breaching Customs Structuring Future is a global campaign to address the prevention of Child marriage by raising awareness at all levels to involve fathers for influencing decision making process at household level to decrease the number child marriage incidences.

The campaign is titled “My Dad My Hero” to mobilize and involve men and boys as a key players to create sense of responsibility to combat child marriage. To achieve maximum goals, the campaign vision is to utilize digital media and modern communication tools to ensure that child marriage can be prevented by involving and educating fathers to defeat harmful tradition of early age marriage.

The Campaign aims at constructing awareness by utilizing maximum communication channels for crafting societies with acceptance, tolerance and egalitarianism for women and girls.

The campaign is with a basic goal of “Creating an enabling environment to stop child marriage through an active digital media campaign mainly through the wide circulation of related documentaries and hosting an interactive web portal that will address the subject holistically.”

Sub Goals

  • To enhance the desire to protect daughters
  • Promotion of gender equality
  • Awareness workshops for the Involvement of fathers to prevent early age marriage of children
  • Documentaries production to create awareness about the disadvantages of Child Marriage
  • Hosting an interactive web portal to create awareness
  • Reduction of violence against girls
  • To minimize health risk due to early age marriage.
  • Promotion of education as a basic right for child (Boy and Girl)
  • Petitioning the government to endorse, implement, and advance public awareness of legislation to set 18 years as a minimum legal marriage age for both boys and girls. Economic empowerment of girls

Target Audience:

My main target audience are:

  • Family members of probable child grooms and child brides who belong to remote regions of Pakistan, where this custom is deep rooted.
  • Elder members of the community who still believe in age-old customs, sometimes possess little know how about negative impacts.

Whereas secondary target audience includes:

  • Religious Leaders
  • Students and educationist
  • Policy makers and politicians
  • International community
  • Unite Nation
  • Child right and child protection bureau
  • Subscribers and readers of Publication houses
  • Magazines, newspapers, blog writers focusing on the subject matter
  • Viewers of National and International News Channels
  • Listeners of Radio Channels
  • Social Media like YouTube, Vimeo, Twitter, Facebook, world pulse etc.

Digital Action Campaign:

This digital action campaign is focused on utilizing all communication channels to breach centuries-old customs to structure the future of millions of girls cross the world.The major long term and lasting impact would be the belief change by watching documentaries and listening the stories of child brides.Another broader impact would be the involvement and contribution of male community who are decision makers at household level to resist against this harmful tradition and create positive possibilities for their daughters and sisters. Other impacts are:

  1. The utilization of campaign website as a resource material by different organizations who are already struggling to prevent child marriage.
  2. Campaign will encourage policy makers and politicians to develop strategies and policies to increase the minimum age of marriage to 18 Years in order to prevent new generation from this harmful tradition.
  3. Another supposed impact would be the low anticipated resistance from the side of religious scholars and leaders
  4. Maximum coverage to the issue by media would also be an impact that will contribute in creating awareness about the severity of the issue.

"My Dad My Hero" will produce a series of stories in which fathers didn’t support their children will be shared to develop the regret feelings for not bringing change in the lives of their children. This regret feeling will act as a catalyst to break this harmful tradition.

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Carolyn Seaman
Jun 23, 2016
Jun 23, 2016

Dear Bella Bee,

Congratulations on a powerful digital action campaign. You have very engaging activities through which you plan to achieve your goals.

I am most excited that you are targeting men and boys in your campaign and you plan to petition your government to legalize the minimum age of 18 years for marriage. It has taken us so long to achieve this feat in Nigeria and we still battle resistance from the 'influential elites' who want the practice of early marriage to continue for their selfish interests.

I wish you all the best as you work through your Campaign and I will follow your activities closely and interact accordingly. Great work!


Sep 23, 2016
Sep 23, 2016

Dear Bella,

This resonates strongly. Two years back, I was getting into the meeting hall of a village, for a community meeting,  when I saw a young girl (around 13 years) carrying a screaming baby out of the room. I wondered in silence: where is this baby's mother? wouldn't it be more effective if she carried the baby herself than giving it to a small girl? It was so touching that I moved to the girl and asked her  where the baby's mother was? And to my shock, she said she was the mother. She also shared a couple of other things.

I looked at her, from hair to toe, in disbelief. She was not only very young, she looked very young, in every sense of the word. and questions started flying around my mind: Is her husband here? Where are her parents? Who arranged this marriage? How did she manage to give birth? How about her needs? Does she have friends? etc. 

Yes, fathers are important stakeholders in this change proces. May they listen to you and understand. 

Please keep us posted on how the campaign develops.