Her hygiene-End Open Defecation

Sadaf Kashif
Posted November 14, 2016 from Pakistan

Imagine a situation when a young girl has to wake up before dawn and knock the door of her friend to go out to use the field as a toilet. Meanwhile few men lurk, watch and the worse happens with them in the form of gang rape.

The risk is real in almost all parts of the world. There is a need to install toilets in rural areas to eliminate the health and harassment risks.

I’ve started an online crowdfunding campaign for creating awareness and toilet construction. Please LIKE, SHARE, DONATE and tell EVERYONE! Please have a look at at the following link

Her hygiene-End Open Defecation


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Aramide Oikelome
Jul 19, 2017
Jul 19, 2017

Dear Sadaf,

This is real! This is a much-needed campaign to protect our girls and preserve our society.

Thank you so much for bringing the problem to limelight. I pray you get all the support to provide safety for our women and girls by providing suitable toilets and restrooms.

You are doing a great work!