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The present achievements of women in modern days has proven and crowned them the backbone of every society. It is commonly said that “What a man can do a woman can do better”. This has been seen a reality in modern days as women excel and blossom with the present awareness and education gotten from campaigns and recent women empowerment forums. From women through the process of delivery comes forth a generation of pilots, ministers, presidents and directors just to name a few proving on the contrary that what a woman can do a man will not. Therefore women have an important role to play in every living and developing society.

Despite these numerous important roles, society has discriminated upon the women, their rights and ambitions thereby violating them. They are not given better opportunities and always vulnerable to sexual harassment, assaults and insecurity from the men. The world today will be a better place to live in, if various forms of violence against women such as; rape, forced marriages, women circumcision, school dropouts just to name a few did not exist especially on the girl child. One will be free to express herself without fear or favor, freedom to choose who to associate with thereby making society a better place. The girl child particularly the adolescents are highly exposed to violence and assault perpetuated by the men and equally other fellow girls, women and society at large. In a non violence society, girls will be prevented from early marriages, fast rate of infection and will have all aspects of long lasting peace. They will be able to develop skills and take up task to better change their lives and that of their environment. Equally the girls will be given better and equal opportunities in the educational, social, cultural and political domains of life. This will enable them to actively participate in decision making and contribute to the growth of their society, as a result the girls who develop to be women the backbone of today and tomorrow society will be able to excel and succeed in their various works of life.

This vision of a world free from violence I strongly believe it’s not a myth but a reality. This is because a lot is done by the society of today to encourage and develop self esteem in women who today are already excelling and unstoppable. It’s always said; “Charity begins at home and the home is the first school for children.” Good morals have to be transmitted from parents to their children particularly the girl child. Parents should make sure their girl children dress decently and respect their elders. The girl child should be careful on the selection of her friends and company they mingle with, peer influence could expose them to danger and as such they have to be contented with what they have and not imitate. It is not all information on the Internet which is good therefore children have to be ready to select useful information to help them in their research during study times.

Government can aid in creating vocational schools to emancipate the women and offer them better job opportunity. In addition the women should be ready to accept the challenges they encounter and perform their roles to the best of their abilities.

A lot of people have engaged themselves today in the formation of Common Initiative Groups (CIG), Non Governmental Organizations (NGO) and so many associations that create awareness against violence on children especially the girl child. Such forums are opened to the public particularly girls to better off their lives and kick against violence. However some of these associations end up not achieving their aims of creation. This is because of self interest from certain individuals who are out to make profit gains. As such a door to door campaign can be implemented so that populations who are victims of violence can be ready to talk out their experiences through a heart to heart conversation, these stories and experiences will serve as a lesson and guide for others to follow so that they do not get into the same situation.

Implementing all these and many more developed ideas I vision a world free from violence, a world full of development, a world full achievement and a world with giant, prosperous women and men all together, a world of equality and a world of peace.

This post was submitted in response to A World Free of Violence.

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Dec 28, 2018
Dec 28, 2018

Hi Beltivate,

Thanks for sharing your post and vision about a world free from violence. I'm glad that you share in an optimistic view for a better future for everyone when equality is involved.

You may want to consider adding a corresponding video to your post for the "A World Free of Violence" call for video submissions, as well:

Hope you're safe and well. Good luck with your story submission.

Tarke Edith
Jan 06
Jan 06

Hi sister
How lovely it will be when the world is free from voilence we will leave together and life will be better for all

Ngala Nadege
Feb 06
Feb 06

Waow !! Thanks for sharing your post. Very optimistic ,keep up sister

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