Peace, Love And Unity Became Lost

Posted August 11, 2019 from Cameroon
My late dad and my mum
My late dad and my mum: I kept hoping (1/1)

On the picture as seen is my late dad and mum. They were both role model to marriage life, till an unknown  force pulled them apart. 

My dad was, a very caring and loving father to us all. God blessed  them with 4 of us. 3 girls and a boy. 

But, an unknown force pulled them apart bit by bit till 2008 when my dad completely left us and of course to my mum who struggled to survive with us by selling food stuffs at the Bamenda Food market. 

Embarrassing  as it was, when my dad left us, things were so hard that all of us couldn't go to school due to limited fun. At that tender age I joined my mum to sell at the food market so my elder sister could go to school. We worked as a team, cryed together when hardship  slapped us hard and hard. 

Any time when I looked at friends, neighbors  children talking about their father, i cryed hoping someday my father turns home. 

But up to 2016 when  my dad died, he didn't give us the comfort and treat. Really can't say what force took my dad out leaving my mum to suffer this much.

The burden and pain is just too much

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Jill Langhus
Aug 12
Aug 12

Hi again dear,

That is sad. Your mom doesn't know why he left? I'm sorry to hear about your dad, dear:-(


Hello, sister,

That is really painful esp you don’t have the answers why your father left you. Now, that he passed away, you cannot ask him that question.

Hugs, dear. Hugs to your mother, too. You both are strong women, stronger than your circumstance.

Thanks for sharing!

Aug 13
Aug 13

This is so sad to hear dear, but I am hopeful going through all these has make both you and your mother the strongest spiritually and emotionally people.
Hope you and your mother keep your head up and look at the things ahead. The past is past and nothing much can be done about it. Hope you are doing fine and my kind regards

Beth Lacey
Aug 13
Aug 13

I am so sorry for you and your family. I wish you well

Anita Shrestha
Oct 05
Oct 05

Dear sister
Be patience and be strong.