Posted August 13, 2019 from Cameroon

My dear sisters, mothers, Friends and All. I am that crying child who loves education but have not the means to go to my full potential. I do love to continue school and i express desire to study NURSING, with my brother being my aspiration. 

​​​​​​MY PLEA. I am in need of Funding, This will help me to get my fees paid and pick up my school materials. For any one who will contribute to help me, you will be changing lives for good and my solem promise to make you proud. Yes i have great potential ,and i know i can to the fulliest enjoy it if i go to school. Please be someone today who will support mould, build and change a life. Thank you in advance

After all the slaps life and its unfair treatment has given me, i will love to appreciate it by schooling. Funding is all i ask and that the grand wish i promised to express at the end of my stories. I count on you all, THANK YOU


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Hello, my dear sister,

This is such a great dream to finish nursing so you can be of help with others esp your brother. Have you inquired at the colleges and universities near you about their scholarship requirements? Please consider posting this PLEA as a "Need" on the Resources Page:
I hope you can find someone who can sponsor you. Please check that page from time to time because there are also scholarship grants that are being posted there.

I have observed that you shared your life story by cutting them into many posts. That's alright. However, I would to like to suggest that you consider to put those stories together into one post and submit for it to the Call for Stories here: so you have a wider reading audience. Thank you! Hoping for the best for you, dear.

Aug 14
Aug 14

Thank you so much mummy. With all this links you have given me i really appreciate.

Jill Langhus
Aug 14
Aug 14

Good luck on your fundraiser and dream!