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About Me

I am Flora Eyen, 21 years old. I grew up from a family of 4,3girls and a boy. I have as passion to Sing, being a motivational speaker and Schooling. Life has not been eassy for me from age 9 since our Dad abandoned us but we survive by trading food stuffs at the markets to gain income and earn a living and paying my fees. "Opportunity lies in the middle of challenges" is my one word philosophy of life, this to me tells me alot of things and keeps me going. Some in life I lost hope and courage to live but the hope of my family keeps me going. At age 20 I got married with the aim of being descent not to date secretly and aloe to be of great assistant to my poor home because the needed great help, the tenderness of marriage has never been eassy for me for the 3 months in marriage now because of the difficulties faced

My Vision

My vision is for a better World where Confident, self-esteem and joy can be developed in the Neglected and abandoned .


Support of financial assistance and willing Volunteerism will be of great help to identify and come to the aid of person of this kind.


I am good in counseling, being there for the abandoned and educating. Adding my experinces, energy and love can make other see their worth.


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