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About Me

Am a Kenyan

Grew up in Ivonah Village, Mautuma in Lugari

Lives in Matete

Worked at

TSC as Assistant Teacher
Retsika Co as CEO
Lugari Sub-County Cooperatives as Sec
Lugari Community Foundation as Sec
TAA CBO as Sec
MSCDF as ToT & Technician
W&TW as Facilitator
Member to Lugari Sub-County DSG

love working on new technology and initiating Projects like!

Retsika Honey Suppliers
Retsika sacco society
Retsika Institute of Arts & technology
Retsika Hotels & Restaurants
Retsika Bricks
Teacher Kiliboti, Musemwa,Chimoi Primary
Love spending time with my family and teaching kids our company business.
Hobbies: Adventure, Travel, rugby, meeting and making new friends, browsing/surfing and Photography/video editing, music

I was born in a humble family. At times we could go without a meal because my father was a polygamy. I remember we used to go to school even without uniforms. My first uniform was my father's shirt which nearly had the same color as our school uniform due to shading of color as a result of age.

I could see my mum struggle with us to make ends meet. My mum, Rachael Tsisiga Olaka could weed in people's farms the whole day and be given 2kg of wheat to feed 9 kids!

This would hurt me but since i was young, there was nothing that i could do! After my hard journey in education, i decided to educate women on off-loading care-taking burden off their shoulders. That, there are variuos avenues to take care of our kids without breaking their backbones in working like donkeys.

Two, i endeavoured to enlighten them on good pay after offering their services.

I started by teaching women in churches but gradually registered the organizations mentioned above to enlighten women on the power of their entrpreneurship. That they have the ability to think beyond the box in income generation and not to depend on one only. This has really inspired me in reaching out to women in the society, seeing them become entrepreneurs, meeting them doing various businesses and seeing them earn a living happily without shading tears by the end of the day like my mum. My focus now is to see women change their attitude from being baby-sitters to managers, farm-workers to farm-owners, feminists to famous, recievers to givers. For a long time, women in my society have bend low to tyranical men because they depend on them! My vision is to see them stand out with their heads high and come out of the dependency syndrome they are in!.

My Vision

Changing lives through the work of my hands and becoming an eye-opener to many in the view that all can make it!

The most important journey in my life is to become an eye-opener. That, there is nothing hard in life as long as one has faith and the right attitude.

Our living standards are deplorable not because it is our destiny but because we have chose to do nothing about it. My hopes for women to be self reliant and in this case, being vocal and entusiatic with every thing they do. I have seen ladies when it comes to introduction, their voices disappearing in their throats as they think they are the lesser stars in the universe!

My dreams is to wake one morning and find women re-energized, happy, busy, loving, earning and boosting the economy of their countries.

My dream is to wake one morning and hear news that the women are contributing to the GDP with the highest percentage as compared to other contributors!


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