In fact, the women's movement is not over!

Berlotte I Antoine
Posted July 17, 2018 from United States

I really don't know how to express myself. I was shocked to read how some people on social media don't see abuse toward women as a violation of human's right.

Phrases like " When women wear provocative clothes they deserve to be raped" make me sad. 

In order words, the women's movement is not over!

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Stephanie Mah
Jul 17, 2018
Jul 17, 2018

Hi sister,
You are welcome to world pulse. Thanks for sharing, hoping to hear more.

Naheda Shaikh
Jul 18, 2018
Jul 18, 2018

we have opportunity to express our feeling via this medium, do share your experience and feeling.
You are right movement is not over we have to fight a lot.


Jill Langhus
Jul 18, 2018
Jul 18, 2018

Hi Berlotte,

I totally agree with you. People could be doing more collectively to make a difference toward equality, every day, and in every way, and to create a more healthy, balance, loving and peaceful world. What small thing do you think someone could to do each day to make a difference?

Robin Parisse
Jan 11, 2019
Jan 11, 2019

Berlotte, I agree it is a shock that in 2019 that we still need to see, respond to or fight for women's rights. But we do. And, by you sharing on World Pulse it helps us to feel encouragement and to do what we can collectively to practice new ways of being in this world. Look forward to hearing how you choose to express yourself. What a great start.