What's Next?

Beth Whitehead
Posted November 10, 2016 from United States

We're now into the second day of the aftermath of the US presidential election and I'm still reeling as are most of my fellow citizens. Shock, dismay, fearful, uncertain...all of these just keep swimming around in my head and I, quite frankly, don't know how to process them all.But, a bright spot, my breathing came back after about 12 hours! So yeah! But with each news article about what's to come is more terrifying than the last...so terrifying that I couldn't finish writing this on the day I began.

But I'm back, 5 days later with some actual plans. First off, I wrote a long, satisfyingly angry letter to one of my Senators...a man who couldn't bring himself to support THAT MAN (sorry, still can't bring myself to call him his current title or his name) during the campaign but is now all nice and cozy, encouraging him and smiling nicely for the camera as stated in his press release about the election results.

Then I did some digging and found out that a lovely woman set up a spreadsheet of contact information for companies which support shudder Trump-family products. I've already sent two emails off to those places informing them of my decision to boycott them and done research on a few others to verify that they do, indeed, sell those products. Emails to follow.

And thirdly, today I found a local progressive democrats group and asked for information about their next meeting. Not being much of a joiner, this is a big step!

So, 5 days in, I feel a little better about things...not so much the road we are currently on, but better about I'm doing to find a better path.These aren't "cure for cancer" steps but every cure needs a test tube or two.

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