Timely adjustment will mobilise the needed resources in Building Your Self-Confidence.

Bettina Amendi
Posted March 8, 2019 from Kenya

Every achivement in this world  was first projected as a creative idea.The idea,faith and the means of implementing the idea.Having had a complicated childhood that spread over to my adulthood,i had to look for an idea that would help me to get out from the city of sorrow.I read books and listened to sermons.I used to admire seeing people holding the microphone on tv and so an idea came to meto improvise one.I would go to an isolated place by then i was living around the Bomas Of Kenya it has thick vegetation assorted trees,bushes and thickets.I would put the pipe on my mouth and shout out the name of the person and visualise him or her seated  there listening to what i had to say,your time is up from the free space you have occupied in my mind by tormenting me emotionally,spiritually and physically.I would pray to God for forgiveness peradventure i was the cause of the said abuse or torment.I would forgive them and let go.I would repeat this until the burden is lifted,Then i would sow seeds of love towards them and myself too,in confession and deeds.

I walk,talk and act love,which is the nature of God though it has not been easy as some wounds are yet to heal.In one of my lines of duty i would encourage my boss daily as any employee would do to a boss in gathering momentum for a good day.On this particular one,my boss told me what you are telling me is too much lets go.She took me to meet her mother in law who is the mother President Uhuru Kenyatta of the Republic of Kenya and former First Lady,Mama Ngina Kenyatta,it was at the peak of the ICC Case against the President due to the violence that swept the country after voting in 2007.I told Her Excellency Mama Ngina,you are the mother of Kikuyu's and all the other tribes in Kenya.All of us have sinned against each other and God.Therefore as a figure of authority -a mother cry out to God for forgiveness and in His wrath to remember mercy upon all Kenyans. Mobilise and delegate the repentance assignment to all.

Positive adjustments are contagious likewise the negative ones.This will require practice,but it can be done quickly if you will demonstrate faith.The process is to visualise  life after a mess.Create a mental picture of a better tomorrow and good people coming your way.Delete the past in totality.When you elevate your thoughts into greatness you minimise the size of your problem.Always come up over your problems.Don't run from the challange adjust to and learn from it.YOU ARE MY HERO.

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Mar 08
Mar 08

So much confidence here. A go-getter is what I see.
Wishing you the very best.

Bettina Amendi
Mar 08
Mar 08

Thank you for your complement sister,you made my day.

Bettina Amendi
Mar 09
Mar 09


The great day is here.As i said on my first post GIVING UP IS OUT OF CONTEXT am availing myself to the World Pulse Community for a walk through a Self-Confidence class.


TIME: Allocate yourself a minimum of 10 minutes daily

REQUIREMENTS:*A teachable Spirit

*A new note book

*A pen

*A ruler

*A stick on paper or you can improvise

*Invite a friend


Send your answers to my inbox.


(1)I take this opportunity to thank WORLD PULSE MANAGEMENT for giving me a go ahead in running this programme.

(2)This is part of the World Pulse outreach and therefore the community rules apply.

(3)This is a personal development programme whereby your personal involvement is paramount.Your dedication and commitment will yield results.

(4)Be careful and thorough to read the instructions.Assuming or eliminating any of the instructions will distort the order in which you will grasp the said concept,E.g when i say invite a friend its as simple as that.When you decide otherwise,there is a day i will have to wait for you to get one in order to attend to team building sessions.

(5)Repeat will be the order of the day for this class as we just began a creat mission.

(6)Assignments are building blocks of the subject at hand and are to be done timely.

(7)If you do not understand anything kindly ask.

(8)This is not an examinable but a practial class.

(9)This will take us back to history,its a journey to escavate whose we are meant to be though not yet there and what can be done to be there.YOU ARE ON TIME.

(10)Be yourself because we are working together on the star of the movie of your life.YOU ARE THE STAR.

(11)Are you READY?

(12)CLAP for yourself for taking this initiative,YOU ENCOURAGED ME.

Everyone of us is a product of two things.

*Where you have been?

*Who you have been with?

There are 4 seasons in every man's life and they are:

1)Starting Season(0-20 Years)

(2)Searching Season(21-40 Years)

(3)Success Season(41-50 Years)

(4)Significant Season(51-Death)


Deborah Munyekenye
Mar 08
Mar 08

Hi Bettina,

This is a great role you played for the country.

Bettina Amendi
Mar 08
Mar 08

Dear Deborah,
I was born and raised in the Riftvalley.I live and work in Nairobi County,help me define my tribe having roots in Western,my step family from Siaya County,if not Kenyan what else can i be in Kenya if not Kenyan for Kenyan among Kenyans.
I love you sister.Thank you for the complement,you encouraged me.

Jill Langhus
Mar 08
Mar 08

Hello Bettina,

You are so wise. It's great that you learned a valuable tool early on to overcome hardship and bring more love and forgiveness into your life. It's not a easy lesson to learn; at least it hasn't been for me. I could've done with this tool when I was young, for sure:-) I agree with not running away from challenges because that's where the real growth and healing occurs.

Hope you're having a great IWD!?

Bettina Amendi
Mar 08
Mar 08

It's a very fantastic one holding on to hope against all.Thank you for the complement you encouraged me.

Jill Langhus
Mar 08
Mar 08


Hello, Betina,

Thank you for this inspiring post on deleting the past, sowing seeds of love and moving on to a brighter future.

Bettina Amendi
Mar 10
Mar 10

Thank You Karen,amidst all life has to continue.Be strong