Experts stress people-centered post-2015 dev framework

Bharti Singh Chauhan
Posted September 23, 2014 from India

The civil society representatives on Friday demanded to adopt a strong, inclusive and legitimate Post 2015 framework to make the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) a success. This demand came at a conference held with local newspapers by PraveenLata Sansthan titled "A Transformative Post 2015 Development Agenda: The proposed Goal 10 - “Reduce Inequality within and among countries” - is one of the most transformative goals proposed by the OWG. By including this goal, the new development framework commits to address both economic inequalities and forms of discrimination that affect poor, marginalised and vulnerable social groups. Only a goal with both of these components will truly “leave no one behind”. A goal to reduce inequality must, however, commit to measure and address economic inequality between the richest and poorest and to reduce the absurd and accelerating differences between the top and bottom 10-20% of populations. The framework should explicitly specify that no target should be considered met unless it has been met for all, including the poorest and most marginalised groups. They also demanded a people-centered Post 2015 development framework ensuring the meaningful participation of all concerned stakeholders where civil society in the process leading up to Post 2015 Summit. 69th United Nations General Assembly 2014. The 69th United Nations General Assembly 2014, will begin next week in New York with the theme" Delivering on and implementing a transformative Post-2015 development agenda." Bharti Singh Chauhan, Founder & Board Member of PraveenLata Sansthan read out the written statement and said that post 2015 framework must address the multifaceted challenges including current trajectory of increasing consumption, accelerating climate change combined with increasing inequality, deteriorating global social cohesion, and routine disregard for human rights and human security.

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Shaheen S Dhanji
Oct 19, 2014
Oct 19, 2014

Dear Bharti,

This is wonderful contribution ! Such efforts are meaningful and must be shared in society, thus, enabling young women to aspire to participate in the many changes - changes in social reform. Being in the field of development and international affairs, the myriad of issues that stem are rather difficult at times to pay heed to what is 'priority' as all development predicaments are essential to address and focus on, howsoever, the most important is to have 'sustainable development' as a major focus -- I believe many organisations and this also includes the major institutions and organisations to have solid attention at creating lasting methodology on sustainable efforts in the global social frame.

Alas, I am beginning to feel World Pulse is losing readership -- I mean here we are posting and yet none seem to be reading, as this article is important yet where is everyone?? This platform needs to have a different way of how readers can 'see' the posts. Ah, I am just ranting... Keep up the significant work you are doing ! Hey, I read ! :)