How Special S.H.E is .. Why You need to Join our Campaign Respect S.H.E

Bharti Singh Chauhan
Posted July 29, 2015 from India
A Female is tied up with many relations...

How Special SHE is!

Strangled with society’s traditional beliefs,She wanted to take a sigh of relief. She had always herself to fit into the portrayed image of that Good girl,For once She wanted to give dancing a whirl While she was told NOT to bother her feet much,She learnt, those ghungroos aren’t meant for girls.

From respected families,While she wanted to go out and relax a bit;Guided by the baseless societal principles, her dream she had to quit.

Bringing her up as an ‘ideal daughter’ was the key For her to be splendid in all respects she was expected to be. To adjust with the obstinate society and just listen. To maneuver herself, wherever the situation was driven. Yes, she did attend a co-ed school to studyIronically, she was ALLOWED to have Only GIRLS as her buddies. She was told to stay away from boys ; available for a presumed advantage.

Well read, yet scared, she safeguarded her family’s respect from any damage. As she matured in that tender age of tento voice her struggle, she finally held her pen. She wrote of her crying heart and happy face, She scribbled of her achievements and soul’s disgrace .Her pen was taken away; the diary was no-where to be found. For the first time SHE listened to nobody but her voice profound. Today, SHE listens to nobody but herself. Yet preserves the customary family values intact without hampering herself. She is an individualist yet caring, beautiful hearty young woman. Supple at heart, strong persona, immense strength exemplify this superhuman. She doesn’t need wings, but opportunities to touch the sky. To speak what she wants, achieve what she aspires by. She crusaded herself through many storms that came her way She stood strong keeping her fears at bayIt’s time we realize her worth and clear haze from our mind. And say “YOU are special to this mankind!!”

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