Bharti Singh Chauhan
Posted February 3, 2016 from India
Conducting Workshop on personal Safety at Muslim Girls School
Workshop on Hygeine Management at Jai Durga Public School (1/2)


Bharti Singh Chauhan is a Successful Professional & a famous Social Activist also known as Bhabhisa in her community. She is the Founder & Chairperson of PraveenLata Sansthan, an NGO Based at Jaipur, Rajasthan that works for Holistic Development of Child Welfare & Women Empowerment across Rajasthan. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Rajasthan University. As a Professional & Social Activist She has won Many National & International Awards for her contribution towards the Society. She has worked for various NGO across India. She was the Winner of World of Difference Program by Vodafone Foundation in 2012 and is also known AS Brand Ambassador for Vodafone Foundation since then. She is Ambassador for International Girl Rising Campaign from India which was launched by Micheal Obama and Promoting Girls education in Rajasthan. Recently She has been awarded by President of India and Ministry of Women and Child Welfare Department – Government of India in association with Facebook as top 100 Women Achievers Nationally under Women Empowerment Category.


Bharti was Born in a middle class family at Jaipur, An incident with her younger Brother becoming handicapped changed the life and the family was pushed into financial crisis. As Bharti was born after 15 years of Her Parents marriage, they too had grown old, Mother could not bear the financial issues and was paralyzed and caught up with various health issues, When Bharti was in class 9th she was told by her father that due to his health issues he cannot afford her education. But she did not loose her hope and with support of her illiterate and ill Mother got the opportunity to continue her studies, where mother and Bharti both used to stich falls of sarees at home to earn the living, In addition she had to take care of her family earning and health expenses of her handicapped brother, Ill mother and father , hence she also started taking tutions at home to earn money to pay her school fees and continued her studies as non collagiate. She started her career from a small outsourced organization working with Bank and further continuing her studies later on moved to work with various Leading Print Media (Rajasthan Patrika/Dainik Bhaskar) & Currently working with Telecom MNC at Jaipur (Vodafone). She always wished to support the kids who are facing issues in the society hence started community work from her collage days joining Youth wing of Rotary – Rotarct Club Jaipur Main,Later on she volunteered & worked with various NGOs across Jaipur further continuing her studies & persuing her Career. In 2013 she started an NGO Named PraveenLata Sansthan with an aim to work for the community at large and make a difference working for Holistic Development of Child Welfare & Women Empowerment. Today she is known to be a Role Model for many kids and known as a famous social activist working for children and women across the community with an aim to make a difference by giving a helping hand for ladies who dream to provide their kids better education and life by supporting them get empowered. In addition she has been working across the community working for creating awareness & promoting on the most sensitive topic – Save Girls, Educate Girls & Safety of Girls through running awareness Programs, Roadshows, etc through Mission Jagriti & Respect S.H.E campaign with an aim to build a safe and Respectful place to live in.


MISSION JAGRITI – Beti Bachaon, Beti padhao, Betiyon Ki Suraksha

+11000 Adolescent Girls educated on Personal Safety through workshops at Ground level from Government Schools, Private Schools, Slum Areas, Communities and course is delivered through presentation, videos and fun activities

Sensitized more than 55000 People across the community through Interactive Roadshows, Nukkad Nataak, Performances (Suno Suno Mere Awaaz) Rallies at grassroots level to the community for Save Girl Child, Educate girls, End Domestic Violence, Stop Child Marriage & Women Empowerment

Trained with support of Volunteers +1500 Girls on Self Defense who travel long distance from Kasbas & Dhanis for Education

11 Pragati Sakhi’s (Girl beneficiaries ) were identified from the trained group of Girls who are the ambassadors who are passing a strong message in the community to Save Girls & Educate Girl

Providing educational Support to +100 Kids living accorss various slums & working on overall Grooming & Development

CAMPAIGN Respect SHEMotivated and trained more than 2500 Men’s & adolescent Boys to Join and Pledge to support Respect SHE (Solicitude for her Concern) Campaign


Training imparted to 550 Girls Stiching/Mehandi/Painting/Handworks etc

Free Computer learning Centre educating20underprivileged kids currently

Orange Your World Campaign/ Asian Girl Campaign /International Girl rising Campaign/ Jaipur Marathon Joined hands with National & International Campaigns which was promoted across Rajasthan in the community and was highly appreciated across on Print Media and Social media

Campaign Vastra-Samman – Till date more than 7500 families benefited by Old Clothes collection drive who live in streets & Slums

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Tamarack Verrall
Feb 03, 2016
Feb 03, 2016

Dear Bharti,

The news of all you went through in suporting your family and continuing in your direction toward being such a recognized and beloved leader, all show just how much inner fortitude you carry. It was very moving to read of your mother's support as well, despite the health issues and pressures she was facing. 

A big congratulations on all that you have done and continue to do! The beautifully crafted video makes it so real, how very many lives you have touched. May your wings carry you well, to whatever you plan to do next. You are a true inspiration.

With love in Sisterhood,


Feb 03, 2016
Feb 03, 2016

Dear Bharti, Thank you for your journal. Your action is very great! We need many female leaders like you. I was inspired by you. I want to be a wonderful leader like you.

Thank you.

Soumya Vilekar
Feb 04, 2016
Feb 04, 2016

Dear Bharti,

What a great and commendable work and effort done by you ,inspite of all the hurdles of life. Yuo are a true inspiration in sense and a true leader who can lead women and girls to their path of success.It was really admiring to read about your achievements and I wish you should be one of the women being noticed for leadership. Although you already are a real leader of your society, community and state,I wish you can go to corners of the world spreading this enthusiastic work.

Best wishes,


Sally maforchi Mboumien
Feb 04, 2016
Feb 04, 2016

Using your experience to correct or redress a situation is very rewarding. This is evident in your work achievements. Keep up the good work. Many are benefitting from it.

Bharti Singh Chauhan
Feb 04, 2016
Feb 04, 2016

Thanks Tam for the wonderful words which keep on inspiring me, WHich means a lot. As mentioned till date i have educated around 11000+ girls on personal safety and through roadshows around 55000 community people..