Bharti Singh Chauhan
Posted April 12, 2017 from India

My name is Soya (not her real name) NowI am 13 years Old, I was Born in a family which was beyond the line of living who used to struggle for the bread, But best part we had a Shelter to stay with one room but I was Happy as I felt I am safe. I wanted to become a teacher. I loved playing with dolls and talk to my friends, dance and sing. My mother was a Drunker, MY mother used to work hard as a maid to earn the living, My Father did not work, although he knew carving but he used to work some time for money for his own needs, He used to beat my motherlike anything and I could Just see and do nothing. Now I was 11 One day I and my Mother was sleeping when my father was drunk and came back home. Early Morning my Mother got up and went to work and I was left along with my father.I was sleeping next to My Father when suddenly i realized to feel hands being moved on my private parts, Although I was waken but due to fear, I did not open my eyes. His hands moved accross my body and than he was naked and after few minutes I was thoroughly feeling a pain, which I could crimble up till date, I got up and cried, But I could not tell anyone about it. I could Just cry and cry.and bear the pain inside me and this happened for 1 long year.

I suddenly realized my stomach was growing big and bigger. I went to my mother and told about the pain happening accross my stomach. She took me to the hospital, Doctor examined me and told me to move out of the room. After some time my mother came out of the doctors room with red hot face, Held my hand tightly with anger, Pushed me and took to our house and after reaching she started beating me telling what Have I done. But I did not get what was the problem. Later she told I am pregnant and here I realized that something wrong has happened with me which I never told up keeping the pain inside me. than I briefed out my mother about my pain. She went to my father and told what the problem is why is he having sex with daughter, but my father bet her like anything very badly she was injured.

She started cursing me after this incident, although I was given medicines and i again started menstruating but now my pain increased day by day. I took up a step to not bear the pain inside me. So I taught of killing myself. I tried hanging up, but my mother came and I was saved and I did not die. I tried jumping into well but it did not work as again i was saved. Now my Pain increased. I told my mother I want to go to my grandma's House for some days, But my Father refused as he wanted sex and My mother told let her go forfew days.

I went there and met few friends who observed me and asked me what the problem was and I dictated to them. It was all they took me to a Place which was known as a development center, Here I found Love, Joy,Care,Fun and felt it to be most safer place. I met a lady there whom i told about the pain inside me and the warmth of her words gave me a spirit to realize I am a girl and I have the Right to Express, She guided me on safety norms and rights for girls by govt and I was the most happiest person when i felt somone is there for me, someone whom i can trust, someone I can just tell. I still remeber her words " every girl has to take her own step and speak up for herself" and that day I took up a daring step to talk about this to my Uncle, the Moment I told him, he was very angry about my father behaviour, He took a strict action and took me into his custody.

My pain is yet to heal up, but Yes Now I m happy Just because of the one who cared about me, the one who guided me, the one who stepped in my life to inspire me to relive my life. Thanks to her for healing the pain inside me.


But Characters are not disclosed due to sensetivity of the incident.

This story was submitted in response to Hopeful Moments.

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Jill Langhus
Apr 12, 2017
Apr 12, 2017

Hi Bharti. Thanks for sharing Soya's sad, but inspirational story. At least she spoke up, and now has love and a brighter future.

Bharti Singh Chauhan
Dec 04, 2017
Dec 04, 2017

thank u jlanghus, its really painful but we have taken up to work out