Your First Step to become Change maker starts from Home!!

Bharti Singh Chauhan
Posted June 12, 2019 from India
Becoming a Change maker starts from Home!!
Becoming a Change maker starts from Home!! (1/1)

Coming from a small village called Khadipur in Bhilwara District, Rajasthan India, Priyanka Vaishnav did not have a lot of encouraging stories regarding studies surrounding her. But, she always knew she wanted to study. She was always a bright kid in her studies, faring well in all subjects. Her mother was left to fend herself and her kids, after her husband left their family for another woman. This did not deter Priyanka and she even encouraged her mother not to give up. Through the support of PraveenLata Sansthan an award winning NGO working in Rajasthan , Priyanka continued her studies. She even encouraged her mother to complete her studies. Her mother was inspired by her daughter’s hard work and gave her senior secondary examination (Class X exam) along with Priyanka. Today she is PLS’s Grameen Sakhi and encourages the women in her village to motivate their sons and daughter to study further. She is the flagbearer for enhancing menstrual awareness in her village. Through the confidence instilled in her by PLS, she is confident that she will be successful in securing a government job and motivate other girls in her village to not give up their studies.

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Jun 12
Jun 12

Thanks for sharing this determined story of your lady friend with us. I am sure with you by her side and hard work things will turn out her way. Hope you are having a great day?

Bharti Singh Chauhan

thank u sister, Yes every girl who is associated with us will grow and we will help them nurture

Tamarack Verrall
Jun 12
Jun 12

Dear Bharti,
This is such a wonderful story of courage, determination and above all, generosity of spirit. Not only did Priyanka trust in herself, she and her mother now have a deep and special bond in what they have both overcome, and in how they supported each other's dreams and potentials. Now the whole village benefits. This is what women leadership brings.
With love in sisterhood,

Bharti Singh Chauhan

Thank u Tam.. U urself is an inspiration and we love u a lot

Jun 13
Jun 13
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Jill Langhus
Jun 13
Jun 13

Hello Bharti,

Welcome back:-) What an awesome, and inspiring story. Thanks for sharing:-)

Hope you're doing well, and having a great day!

Hello, Bharti,

Wow, another inspiring story from you. I'm glad Priyanka is an empowered woman. I can see a bright future ahead of her. Thanks to you and to the organization that gave her an opportunity to change the narratives of her story. Thanks for sharing!

Anita Kiddu Muhanguzi

Hi Bharti,
Thank you for sharing this story about your friend. Looking forward to many more of your stories. Have a great day.