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Bharti Singh Chauhan
Posted June 12, 2019 from India
Bharti Singh CHauhan Counselling Muskan Family
Bharti Singh CHauhan Counselling Muskan Family (1/4)

Hailing from an orthodox Muslim family, Muskaan comes from the kacchi bastis of Jaipur. There was a time when was on the brink of quitting her studies due to her familys poor financial status. She was enrolled into the Laadli program runned by Praveenlata Sansthan NGO Runned by Bharti SIngh Chauhan, when team PLS met  her at school  she had come to collect her leaving certificate. Bharti SIngh CHauhan Founder of the NGO  decided to support her so that she could pursue her education. Initially, Muskaans family were not supportive of her joining this program and going to an NGO everyday. Someone from her family would come everyday to drop and receive her. However, she stood her ground and continued coming to the NGO. She learnt sewing and tailoring, gotapatti art, aari-taari work, making soap and sanitary napkins. She is currently pursuing a degree in arts (B.A.). She was also invited to RadioCity 91.1 FM to speak about her ordeals and how she overcame all challenges in life. Through her work as a community teacher here, she has become financially self-sufficient and is able to provide for her family. She has delivered workshops regarding menstrual hygiene to over 1000 girls in rural areas across Rajasthan. She Once a beneficiary of PLS, she has become a proud Pragati Sakhi today.

As Muskan the NGO has been transforming lives of thousand of girls in Rajasthan through various Projects.

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Karen QuiƱones-Axalan
Jun 14, 2019
Jun 14, 2019

Hello, Bharti,

This is really a great initiative. Pursuing education is life-changing for women. We have informed decisions when we have knowledge. Thank you for sharing Muskaan's story.

Jun 16, 2019
Jun 16, 2019

Thanks for your hard work for these girls.
Take Care

Beth Lacey
Jun 17, 2019
Jun 17, 2019

Great work

Sep 10, 2019
Sep 10, 2019

Dear Bharati,
Thankyou for your good effort. Yes the positivity and empowerment are very powerful and contagious. It has a wonderful multiplier effect. Keep using this tool for spreading strengths, and encouragement to sisters.

best regards,

Nabila Abbas
Sep 20, 2019
Sep 20, 2019

Thanks for sharing powerful story :)