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About Me

I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something. And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do, Sweet, Simple, Caring, Lovable, Ambitious, and a committed Change Maker & Role Model, I heard people calling me. Now It’s your turn to know me. Once you know me You need not require my introduction. My aim is to educate and empower Each Girl and Women accross and stand to Raise a Voice accross the Globe. I run an NGO named PraveenLata Sansthan which works for Child Welfare, WOmen Empowerment and RUral Development in Rajasthan India which I started in 2013, In my 2 Years Journey I have won National JIYO DIL SE AWARD by leading Newspaper & Radio Channel Dainik Bhaskar & MY FM Group under category WOmen Empowerment & International SOuth Asia Award by eNGO Challenge for Best Practice of Social MEdia When I started my journey I Started it along but today I am connected to many leading organizations and Womens who are a role model in their society and inspiration to me. Every day I connect to WorldPulse and I learn a new chapter in my life learning new things going on accross the globe in addition when there was no one to join me to listen my stories, my failures and my acheivements world Pulse was there to join me and all this is just because of Digital Tools which has given a Platform to connect accross the globe where we can read,share and express our views and exchange our Knowledge.

Think about questions such as what inspires you? What change do you want to see?

My Vision

Truly said - A Small Step Makes a Big Difference.

With the aim to promote Gender Equality & Empowerment and connect globally learning and exploring and delivering the world how it moves on and how lifes transform I am working hard at grassroot Level challenging the old myths and traditions to raise a voice to talk about issues like Saving Girl Child, Educating them and Creating Awareness among adolscent Girls to understand the Points they must remember to Be safe with a objective to build a Safe, Respectful and Healthy Place to Live in.


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