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About Me

I am pursuing masters in Education have already done masters in English literature;I like writing articles especially related to women and adolescents their problems; how we can change and enlight ourselves by sharing ideas through various ways"I strongly believe that "Every single person on the planet has a story ;don't judge people before you truly know them.The truth might surprise you!!Think before you say something.

Till now I gt that"learned helplessness "is found among women. EVEN IF SHE IS BEATEN ON SUNDAY'S SHE USED TO KEEP FAST ON MONDAY FOR THE LONG LIFE OF HER HUSBAND "MY dream is to emancipate others that treat women well she too is human being not a doll.
♥️Be♥️ kind♥️ Be♥️ humane ♥️


My Vision

I would like to highlight the various sensitive issues related to women as well as adolescents especially girls in near future.


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