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About Me

I am Bidhya Khanal from Nepal . As being a women to support poor and victimized women is my goal of life. I have been working in gender domestic violence and peace for IGD since 2003 .I have collected the violated women to provide training on women's financial empowerment ,facilitate the gender awareness campaigning and i mediate the the dispute in the communities. As being a mediator i can hear womens story in mediation session. Then i identify who are more victimized . I follow up them to provide life skill training to maintain their basic life .Only then, i empower them to their other aspect of life. I think ,to fulfill basic needs is the first priority ,for this life skill training is very useful .On the basis of my more twelve-years experiences i can say women can do every thing when they could get any support making their lives .

My Vision

Contributing to create a equitable society though knowledge, life-skill training and awareness campaigning to women.


I am seeking financial and technical support from you. I cant develop their confidence without these support. It would be crucial for them.


Providing knowledge & life skill to them is top most priority for me . In my view, it help them to make money covering their basic needs .


Gender-based Violence


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