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Raise the age! Petition to change age of consent from 11 to 18 in all States in Nigeria

Bim Adegbite
Posted December 31, 2018 from Nigeria
Expired on January 31, 2019

Please sign this petition to raise the age of consent in Nigeria in all States from 11 to 18

Nigeria has the lowest age of consent....11!!!!

The aim of this petition is to get at least 25,000 signatures and once we achieve this change, the existing law will be updated in the constitution, raising the age of consent from 11 to 18. Every signature counts.

The movement #raisetheage created by It's Never Your Fault, a non-profit run by a group of teenage friends need your help!

Sign, Share and create awareness for #raisetheage

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Jill Langhus
Jan 03
Jan 03

This is a great cause. Thanks for sharing!

Juliet Acom
Jan 21
Jan 21

I am definitely signing and sharing on other platforms.
Thanks for sharing