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About Me

I am a dedicated wife and loving mother of 2 teenage daughters. A daughter myself, a sister with 4 siblings and a loyal & supportive friend.

As a young girl my life was shaped typically by the values of my loving parents which includes hardwork, dedication, perseverance, commitment, responsibility and faith. I grew up knowing education was primary and non-negotiable. I graduated with a B.Sc in Economics and worked for a short while in the Nigerian banking industry before I relocated to Canada (the country of my birth) and eventually to the United States of America where I currently reside with my dear husband and amazing daughters working in the Accounting Department of a Bottled Water Co.

While my education and work experiences have served me, a valuable experience I had many years ago visiting an orphanage in my home country of Nigeria has forever altered and shaped my view of life entirely. It exposed me greatly to the desperate need of many and our responsibility to respond to such needs in varying capacities. Since then I've been on a journey of finding my true and sometimes evolving purpose,serving and making a difference.

I am currently committed to making an impact in the life of young girls mainly in developing communities and would desperately like to change the current narrative and statistics of issues facing them around the world especially in the areas of Education, Health & Gender-based Violence.

My Vision

Through the journey of self discovery, I have found that I am inclined to serve young girls in our communities. Many young girls especially in developing worlds are at risk and face girl-child related issues which stem mainly from poverty, lack of education and a much needed support system.

I envision a world where all our young girls grow up to become strong, confident, independent and empowered members of society.

It is my goal that every young girl that I come into contact with enjoys the experience of healthy, nurturing relationships and community support through mentoring. This is to ensure they have the opportunity of meaningful academic,career and social guidance that motivates them to make healthy character and lifestyle choices.

It is my hope that through fostering relationship building, they will be inspired to tap into their unlimited and God-given potential, channeling their dreams into realistic and sustainable expectations with the ultimate outcome of making them valuable and accomplished leading women of the future.


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