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Posted April 11, 2013 from United States
What most excites you about Web 2.0;

Web 2.0 is an exciting platform that allows women globally to connect. Through this connection, we become more aware of the realities and hardships that women face. We also become more aware of the strength that women have to overcome their barriers. This platform is an exciting channel that will empower women to come forth with their courage through their voices. This is an exciting platform that will bring about new change, change that is needed amongst women. This is a positive change that will opportunity for self healing, friendship, and encouragement.

What solutions you think Web 2.0 brings to the global women's empowerment movement;

Women will be able to overcome their fears by speaking up. They will realize that it is good to break tradition amongst an environment or culture that is male dominated. Women in such cultures are taught to be quiet, and not speak up. They are taught from a young age to endure verbal abuse, gender abuse, and other forms of abuse. Women cannot be used as material, rather they need to be perceived as a strong sex both emotionally and physically. Women themselves need to realize the latter. Therefore Web 2.0 will bring women globally together to become committed to speaking up, which will connect them to one another. This is a great and powerful platform.

How are, or can, these tools be empowering for you?

These tools can be used for listeners like myself to learn the harsh realities that exist. The media today in the western world at times does not allow us to see what life is really like for women in eastern countries. Therefore, World Pulse will bring all of us together to help create change for women. We will learn from one another. I will learn from these women and their stories. Their strength will empower me and will help me grow as a human being! The stories thus far have been quiet amazing. They are sad, happy, and filled with other mixed emotions, but they remind us that women can be strong support for one another across a variety of mediums, brought together by this platform and tools.

Voices of Our Future Application: Empowerment and Web 2.0

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fozia yasin
Apr 13, 2013
Apr 13, 2013

Hi Bina,

I agree with you that women in many cultures are taught to be quiet, and not speak up right from the childhood. This is to put them in a certain mould from the very beginning. In fact, submissiveness is something women pick up from their mothers and other women of the families just by observing them. I think access to education for girl is a great way to break this tradition and a great tool for their empowerment.

Thanks Fozia

Apr 14, 2013
Apr 14, 2013

Hi Fozia, Very true. We are taught culturally to keep quiet, however, it is in our best interest to speak up. This way we can make sure that our children are taught to voice their opinions. This world is very crafty and we have to ensure that our kids are able to defend themselves.