The International Day of Peace

BIZANA emerance
Posted September 21, 2017 from Democratic Republic of the Congo

End of the day today after studying these two messages the WOMEN have found a message that closes the International Day of Peace within the center which is "PEACE IS OUR CHOICE AND OUR STRENGTH" here is our main message to us we can not finish this day without first thanking our distinguished guests, Sir, His Excellency the Minister of Internal Affairs, Dad ECHIBA, as well as Dr. KIGABO, for animating our debate all the WOMEN and FILLS of the mama SHUJAA center for their active, but also and especially to the men who said YES to the PEACE who were with us in these activities why not to you our readers for all dison THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Jill Langhus
Sep 22, 2017
Sep 22, 2017

Bonjour Bizana. Bienvenue à World Pulse. Merci d'avoir partagé votre histoire et votre réflexion sur la Journée internationale de la paix. Dans l'attente de plus d'histoires de votre part.

Busayo Obisakin
Oct 09, 2017
Oct 09, 2017

Peace is our choice and strength! Very powerful words Bizana. Peace is the key to achiving the free world for women and girls. Thank you for the good work you are doing