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Posted June 2, 2016 from Philippines

Many people say women are different now in the Philippines. They are bequeathed with a power brought by the history of women's struggles. Many think that curtailment of women's rights are gone and buried along with the women martyrs who died fighting for women's emancipation. And yes, policies and laws are available to protect women -- Magna Carta for Women, Anti-violence Against Women and Children Act, and so on and so forth. Filipino women are free to choose what life they would like to fulfill. But the culture of masochism has many faces. It comes in many faces that divides the perception of women. Some may resent and resist for becoming its object while some remain silent for fear of rejection and resentment. That is why, to let these women know and understand their potentials is yet to be discovered and unearthed.

My humble group of young men and women have to discover their own stories and potentials to elevate the consciousness of their peers, too. Soon, with proper guidance and motivation, they will spread their own stories that will inspire other youth to speak and for their mothers too to tell stories that shape their personality.

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