Posted December 7, 2017

Its not easy to speak with your mind and soul unless you have tremendous courage to do so. Its only with time that one realizes how important to express yourself to that special person or to the world. Ask yourself what is the most difficult thing you had to do in your life. One might say solving an algebric expression, reaching that mount everest or even being trapped in a dark dingy room full of bugs. The answer can be anything the possibilities areinfinite.

However there is one thing thats the most difficult thing to do and i bet you all must have faced this at one point of your life. REJECTION! Yes i.e rejection, everyone has gone through this during job, dating or getting through Harvad. Imagine you are in love with someone and when you finally have the courage to confess you realize its late. Even after 10 years you care about that same person yet you dont even know if he ever felt something for you back then or now.Iwould like to share a story of this girl who was stronger than she could have imagined.

Melissa saw him walking down the street holding hands with a brunette girl. There he was walking down the road smiling not even knowing that there is a girl who would do anything to see him smile even if it meant she would have to see the man she loved with all her heart with someone else.

She turned around to hide hertears which were now clouding her eyes. The cold winter evening and the busy street didnt make any difference to her. All she could think was after so many years how could possibly one feel this way. 10 years precisely it had been when she last saw him and here they were again on the New York street..together yet apart..

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Dec 08, 2017
Dec 08, 2017

thank you for sharing this awareness

Jill Langhus
Dec 08, 2017
Dec 08, 2017

Hi Blue Crystal. Welcome to World Pulse:-) Thanks for sharing your story about rejection. It certainly sounds like you have first-hand experience!?

Dec 08, 2017
Dec 08, 2017

Rejection is hard to swallow. I have suffered it on many occasions too. When I look back now, I just feel happy that I was rejected because the rejection pushed me harder towards a better life.

There is some kind of advantage I some bad experience, rejection is hard to swallow though....its as if its connected to one's self confidence.

I can actually picture the scenario described.

Sherna Alexander Benjamin
Apr 10, 2018
Apr 10, 2018

Dear Bluecrystal,

Welcome to World Pulse! I would love to read about the work which you are doing. While reading this post I can sense the pain which you are speaking about. Rejection is indeed a painful experience but it also builds character and helps us grow emotionally. Thank you for sharing.

Your Sister