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About Me

My Title – Secretary of STATE – is a title I’ve given myself. This is a High Office that I’m assuming, charging myself with the sober responsibility to monitor and record the STATE of CHANGE, AS IT HAPPENS, in DRC.

I am in possession of confidential information regarding a metamorphosis taking place among a particular people group that for centuries have been slaves of cultural, religious, and social stigmas in DRC. This sizeable segment of our society are now beginning to awaken to a new STATE of BEING, with a whole new consciousness regarding LIFE as it is lived and breathed on this planet. It’s as if that which animates life has lain dormant within them for as long as anyone can remember but now, that spirit-dynamo appears to be enlivening and stimulating this whole marginalized-sector of the Congolese population with ideas and interests and passions, and that with a ‘knowing’ that these features of their being must NOT be denied, but MUST be explored and nurtured and attended to and cultivated and fed and trained and developed and EXPLOITED for the betterment of the whole nation.

How I am privy to this information is that this change-STATE has come over me – has TAKEN HOLD of me – and as such I now have eyes to see that I am not alone in this phenomenon but am One of a universal Sisterhood in which this AWAKENING has taken hold.

Included in the Charge I’ve given myself is to not only monitor and record the State of Change as it happens, but to INspire it, initiate it, instigate it, fuel it, fan it, and INflame it wherever and in whomever the fire in me is able to INkindle itself.

While this fire in me has become an enlivening light, and I KNOW was imparted in me to be Light not only for me but for all who will come near its luminescence, not all are able to abide its radiance. I’ve found that some who are aflame not of light but darkness find its brilliance off-putting, contrary, even offensive. These have attempted at times to overwhelm this inner flame but it has proven IN ME to be unquenchable and even of a power that has shielded me with an unseen and before unknown to me – FORCE OF PURPOSE. And while in me alone this force was mostly unnoticeable, when I discovered I was not alone and joined my flame to the bonfire of my Sisterhood, this unseen FORCE began to express itself through my VOICE; a voice that is still being trained to be sure; but a voice that is determined to give proper expression to that fire that burns not only within me, but within ALL who have been INkindled. Justice, Handicapped Women's Rights, and Women's Rights in General Political and Cultural Bias Coordinator, Organizer, Promoter

My Vision

To Effect Women's Rights in DR Congo, and especially the Rights of Handicapped Women


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