Peace for everyone

Posted February 15, 2020 from South Sudan

Peace starts to comes amongst you when you listen to each other, dialogue agreed what will be good to both of you. And reject what will do some harm to the future of tour agreement.

So that a little step you take will not take you back instead of a big step that will take you back to the very end of under developed status

This story was submitted in response to Moments of Hope.

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Welcome to World Pulse! Thank you for sharing your insight about peace.

Feb 16
Feb 16

Hi Bolbolduer.

Hope you are doing ok. Welcome to World Pulse a place where women voices are being heard out.
Peace as is pronounced, we need it for all.
I look forward to be reading your future stories.

Feb 16
Feb 16

Welcome to World Pulse Bolbolduer. Your story is your power.

Thank you for sharing your first story to us.