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About Me

I'm very glad to be a part of World Pulse.

I am an artist, living in the USA midwestern state of Iowa. The medium I create with is relief printmaking using techniques of woodcut and linocut to make original prints.

Career wise I've worked in politics (Liberal), for social action causes, and as a business adminstrator and even a rancher! My interests and certainly my heart, have always been with the issues that affect women and peoples worldwide.
I have a blog on my art website posting about art and issues, sometimes featuring stories about the art and work of indigenous people's today, African Grandmothers using their art to raise funds to support their grandchildren. I hope to add some of the things I see and learn here on World Pulse as stories to my blog. I believe that building awareness is key to building support and promoting activism.
I believe in equality in gender and race and opportunities for all people to live fruitful, meaningful lives. Art, marketing, writing

My Vision

A world of sustainability, people living productive lives in terms of contributing and growing in a intellectually stimulating environment that helps all live in harmony with nature.