Bukola Olalere
Posted May 30, 2016 from Nigeria

Once upon a time, in the colony of the grasshopper, a leader emerged to rule them. Everyone loved the leader and felt that it was the RIGHT one.

A tenure past and nothing occur in terms of the insects expectations. It was dawn on them that they were on their own.

Everyone resumed its duties to look for what to eat.

Mr Grasshopper J family still felt the leader will change its mind and didn't resume work.

In no time, Mr Grasshopper J's family were buried one by one.

Sisters, June is fast approaching and your friend, boss, relative that promised you hasn't responded. 

Please don't wait for him/her solely, find something doing. If you are waiting for the IDEAL time, place & people to kick start your idea/project, I am so sorry to disappoint you because their isn't one.

You only create what you want . STOP WAITING and START WORKING.

If you're still reading today's articles sisters at this moment, Thank you so much. I would love to hear your thought about today's episode too.

Your Friend, Bukola Rural Youth Advocate/Accountability Expert I Rep LightUp......Forging a Roadmap for today's Youth. @bookorla

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Olaoluwa Abagun
May 30, 2016
May 30, 2016

Dear Bukola,

I needed this wake up call! Sometimes, we fall into the temptation of waiting for people to help accelerate progress and encourage our next step.

I will stop waiting and start working. June will be dynamic because I will MOVE with consciousness.

echo demitrez
Jun 14, 2016
Jun 14, 2016

Hi there!

Nice to have inspirational thoughts and ideas from your end, keep smiling and shining!

Love * Peace

Bukola Olalere
Jul 01, 2016
Jul 01, 2016

Happy New Month Ladies. So sorry I couldnt reply back immediately. I have been on and off line. Thank you so much Ola and Echo Demitrez. 

Hope to read from you soon